Paros Holidays

If you're looking to sink your toes into powdery white sands, discover rich cultural history, or succumb to the allure of delectable Mediterranean cuisine, Paros, one of the Greek Cyclades islands, beckons invitingly.

With its whitewashed, cube-shaped houses lining the meandering streets of its alluring villages, and sea-kissed shores offering a paradise for sunbathers and watersport enthusiasts alike, a trip to Paros is sure to be filled with relaxing grandeur and radiant sunlight.

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Things to See and Do

Dive into the ancient wonders of Paros, an island imbued with ancient remains from its richly historical past. Expect an overwhelming array of intriguing must-sees, from charming villages, pristine beaches, striking castles, and bustling towns, embodying the essence of traditional Cycladic architecture.

Parikia town

Revel in the stunning streets of Parikia town, well-regarded for its whitewashed, cubic houses, its labyrinth of winding alleyways, and the majestic remains of a Medieval castle. For a touch of sacred history, pay homage to Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, or explore ancient artefacts at the Archaeological Museum of Paros.

Naoussa village

Indulge in the tranquillity of Naoussa village, a charming fishing town offering enchanting views, a plethora of petite tavernas, and a bustling day and night life.


Finally, don't forget to explore Lefkes, the former capital, nestled in the lush mountains, known for its charmingly traditional marble architecture and the picturesque Byzantine trail.

Food and Drink

On an island like Paros, food is more than just sustenance—it’s also an integral part of the culture. Savour these unforgettable culinary experiences rooted in local tradition and infused with fresh ingredients.


Succumb to the allure of "skordalia", a mouth-watering garlic dip that accompanies most meals, or indulge in "souvlaki", tender skewers of grilled meat served with warm pita bread. Do try the local wines of the region, a sublime accompaniment to any meal.


Sample "baklava", a sweet pastry layered with filo and chopped nuts, a perfect treat to enjoy with a strong Greek coffee in one of the local, sun-drenched cafes.

Destination Essentials

Although Paros is a fetching destination all year round, the optimum time to visit for an idyllic family holiday is the shoulder season (spring, early summer, or autumn). During these time, the weather condition is just perfect, ranging from a cool 15°C in early spring to a warm 25°C in September.

The summer months of July and August constitute the high season. Hot and dry weather prevails with temperatures fluttering between 25°C and 30°C. Though the island gets crowded, the summer also brings the island's charm to the fore.

Paros unwinds during the low season, from November to March, with fewer accommodations and cooler weather. However, this period provides a unique opportunity to discover Paros' tranquillity and engage more deeply with its local lifestyle.


Crowning Paros is a collection of beaches each boasting its own unique allure. These inviting seaside havens brim with both tranquillity and adventure.

Voutakos Beach

Rarely crowded, Voutakos beach offers a serene escape, while providing stunning vistas of the Aegean. Perfect for those seeking a relaxing experience with an isolated charm.

Monastiri Beach

On the other hand, Monastiri beach, nestled in a rocky bay, is a popular spot that balances family-friendly amenities with a peaceful ambience.

Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach, part of the neighbouring Naxos Island, is replete with water sports activities along its long stretch of white sandy shores, ideal for active beachgoers.

Perikopetra Beach

Alternatively, seek out the pristine beauty of Perikopetra Beach. Accessible by boat, free camping is permitted here, making it an ideal spot for an immersive beach experience.

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