Pefkos Holidays

Retreat to the serenity of Pefkos, an alluring beach resort nestled on the eastern coast of Rhodes in Greece. This beguiling destination has grown from a humble fisherman's hamlet into a summer paradise, captivating holiday-goers with its plush self-catering villas, divine cuisine and tranquil sandy beaches.

Amidst the thoughtfully developed resort, the Pefkos heritage lives on; the town’s name, meaning ‘pine tree’, was inspired by the surrounding hill blanketed with beautiful evergreens. Whether visitors seek a quiet retreat or an enriching cultural voyage, Pefkos promises a holiday for everyone's liking.

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Things to See and Do

Embark on a fascinating journey down Pefkos’ lanes of history and revel in the charm it conceals. Here are the top must-visit attractions that promise to make your holiday a memorable one:

Honour the icon at the Monument of Aris Velouchiotis

Head to Laou Square and marvel at the monument dedicated to Aris Velouchiotis, the fearless leader remembered for inspiring the people against the oppressive regime. The spectacle of this statue in the heart of Pefkos vividly captures this hero's spirit.

Learn about a legend at Πλατεία Μίκη Θεοδωράκη

Named after composer and lyricist Mikis Theodorakis, this square commemorates the man's tremendous work and activism. This homage to his influential legacy is unmissable for any culture and history buff visiting Pefkos.

Be captivated by Pefkos' scenic beauty

Take time to stroll around the town, witnessing the mesmerising blend of azure seas, golden beaches and verdant hills. The quaint villas and apartments scattered over the slope enhance the town's charming aesthetics.

Explore Pefkos by Night

When the sun sets, the town's vibe grows even more alluring. A bustling nightlife at the heart of this sleepy town promises a contrasting yet enriching experience. Here, you'll find an array of restaurants, tavernas, and bars to suit all tastes.

Immerse in the enigma of Lee Beach

Boasting of a prestigious Blue Flag, Lee Beach is the crown jewel of Pefkos. Unwind on the pure sandy beach, bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, or relish delicious Greek food at the waterfront restaurants.

Food and Drink

Relish in the lip-smacking cuisine of Pefkos, a culinary journey that intertwines the island's roots with a dash of contemporary flair. A visit here would not be complete without savouring these star dishes:

Feast on Local Seafood

Taste the essence of Pefkos on your plate with its fresh seafood. Served at numerous waterfront restaurants at Lee Beach, the fresh catch of the day stands as a testament to Pefkos' fishing heritage.

Sip on Fine Wine

Sample delectable Greek wines as you savour your meal, a perfect accompaniment to your seaside feast. Local Tavernas offer a wide range to choose from.

Indulge in Moussaka

Try this traditional Greek dish, made of layered eggplant, tomatoes, minced meat and bechamel sauce, with a delightful sprinkle of cheese on top.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

For dessert, look out for Baklava, a sweet pastry made of layers of crispy filo, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey.

Alfresco Dining

What’s better than eating flavoursome food? Savouring delicious local cuisine under the starry Greek sky at Pefkos' many open-air Tavernas.

Destination Essentials

When enchanted by Pefkos' charm and planning your visit, consider the time of year carefully. Based on the average weather, the best months to visit Pefkos are May, June, and September when the temperature is warm and pleasant, perfect for beach holidays.

The hottest month is August, with maximum daytime temperatures reaching a scorching 31°C. However, worry not, as the azure sea is at its warmest, reaching a comfortable 27°C, perfect for a cooling dip.

January is usually considered the wettest month in Pefkos, witnessing an average of 158mm of rainfall. However, Pefkos shines the brightest in July, when the town basks in the sunshine for 96% of daylight hours, ensuring you soak in the radiant Greek sun during your stay.

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