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Often overlooked by the popular Greek islands, Sidari on the tranquil Corfu Island embodies the perfect blend of Grecian charm with breathtaking natural beauty. From the lazy sparkle of azure coastline to the lush greenery carpeting inland hills, Sidari promises a sanctuary draped in an eternal holiday ambience.

Whether you crave the calming allure of untouched beaches, the tantalising thrill of local cuisine, or the magnetic draw of historic attractions – you’ll find Sidari has it all. It’s an enchanting corner of the globe, ready to unveil its charm to both solitary adventurers and family pilgrimages, treating every visitor to a personal slice of paradise.

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Things to See and Do

Whether it's the leisure of basking on a divine beach or partaking in vivacious water sports, or spending your day immersed in historic museums and vibrant local shops, Sidari has something to captivate every traveller’s spirit. Here are some highlights you don’t want to miss.

Sidari Village

Experience the charm of Sidari Village where centuries-old Greek traditions marry the ethos of a modern beach resort. The village boasts a myriad of attractions from fortresses and museums to bustling marketplaces and vibrant activity centres.

Kanali tou Erota

Discover the mystery of Kanali tou Erota – lacking official descriptions but luring visitors with enigmatic beauty, this attraction promises an experience that lets you write your own stories.

Paralia Sidari beach

Explore the popular Paralia Sidari beach, a scenic strip of fine golden sand and turquoise water, ranked 98th among the 502 phenomenal beaches of the Ionian Islands. It’s a paradise for all traveller types with available beach facilities and an array of water sports.

Apotripiti beach

For a soothing break, visit the quaint Apotripiti beach, a serene nook with beautiful little bays and stunning cliffside silhouette, where you can retreat away from the bustling crowd.

Παραλία Γιαλός beach

Experience the raw allure of Παραλία Γιαλός beach, an unspoiled haven offering crystal-clear waters and sandy shorelines nestled amidst striking cliffs and rock formations. The beach hosts a selection of water sports for a healthy blend of relaxation and adventure.

Food and Drink

Give your palate a Grecian treat with the unique flavours Sidari brings to the table. Make sure to check out these five culinary delights.


Experience the richness of Kleftiko, a traditional Greek recipe loaded with melt-in-your-mouth lamb, tomatoes, aubergines, and potatoes, all naturally slow-cooked in a clay pot.


Savour the warm melt of Moussaka, a glorious layered fusion of eggplant or potato, spiced minced meat, and decadent béchamel sauce. A mouth-watering staple that is an absolute must-try.


Feast on the comfort of Souvlaki, marinated meat skewers grilled to perfection, occasionally accompanied by a side of traditional Greek salad and a generous helping of Tzatziki sauce.

Greek Yogurt

Don't miss the creamy Greek Yogurt, an iconic dairy delight often served with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of walnuts, offering a perfect seal to your dining experience.


Indulge in the tantalising Baklava, a sweet pastry made of thin filo layers, generously filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. An epic fusion of sweet, nutty and crispy in every bite.

Destination Essentials

Sidari is blessed with long sunny days and a climate that stays pleasant for most parts of the year.

For seekers of sunshine and beach lovers, June is the ideal time to visit Sidari. The summer heat is moderate, with temperatures wavering between 22-30°C, making it the perfect weather for a refreshing dip in the sea or a leisurely picnic on the beach. If you decide to visit in August, prepare for temperatures that soar up to 30°C. While December ushers in the rain with an average rainfall of 215mm. No matter when you choose to visit, Sidari promises a memorable Greek holiday experience, waiting to mesmerise and charm in every season.


From the quiet allure of secluded coastlines to the boisterous vibe of popular seaside trends, Sidari offers some of Greece's best beaches. Here are our top recommendations.

Apotripiti Beach

Witness the enchanting panorama of Apotripiti Beach. Framed by verdant cliffs, the beach offers several small bays tucked along its sandy stretch, perfect for quiet picnics under the sun or a peaceful stroll along the coastline.

Paralia Sidari

Enjoy the lively spirit of Paralia Sidari, a beach revered for its turquoise water, pure golden sand, and tourist-friendly features, which include loungers, umbrellas, water sports, and a host of nearby attractions.

Paralia Γιαλός beach

Visit the mesmerising Paralia Γιαλός beach, primarily known for its clear waters, beckoning swimmers and snorkelers from all around. Its sandy shores and exquisite cliffs add an otherworldly charm to the scenic beauty.

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