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With its unique blend of natural beauty, historic charm, and unspoiled coastline, Sithonia invites visitors to bask in its otherworldly splendour. A peninsula nestled within the arms of Chalkidiki, Greece, Sithonia expertly merges antique appeal with modern delights to create an alluring holiday destination.

Lush vineyards, azure waters, glistening beaches, and a plethora of hidden gems paint a breathtaking tableau that brims with beauty at every turn. Anyone seeking the allure of undiscovered Greece will find their dreams awakened on the sandy shores of Sithonia.

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Things to See and Do

Sithonia is a treasure trove of enticing wonders both hidden and plain in sight. From the wealth of natural wonderment to the fascinating glimpses into its historical past, Sithonia offers a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be unravelled. Let's explore these enthralling spectacles.

Experience the serenity of Itamos Mountain

Enjoy a walk beneath the mountain, pausing to gaze at the vineyards and olive groves on your leisurely ascent. Reaching the peak, you'll be rewarded with an outstanding view of Macedonia—truly the jewel in Sithonia's crown.

Wander the charming Nikiti

Nikiti, the administrative heart of Sithonia, wins hearts with its coalescence of tradition and modern charm. Stroll the pedestrian promenade along the beach, take in the architectural elegance of the honey-coloured houses, or enjoy a relaxing drink in one of its many boutique cafes.

Experience the Power of Porto Koufo

Known for being one of Greece's largest natural harbours, Porto Koufo provides a delightful nod to Sithonia's nautical heritage. Today, it's a serene fishing location perfect for losing track of time only to find it beneath a fiery sunset reflected in the calm water.

Discover Hidden History in Toroni

Immerse yourself in the mystery of days gone by, exploring the ancient castle and church of Toroni. As you wander through the historic ruins and archaeological splendours, you will witness the unique blend of past and present that defines Sithonia.

Relax at Klimataria Beach

Hailed as one of the top beaches in Halkidiki, Klimataria Beach engulfs visitors in a soothing embrace of clear turquoise waters, soft fine sand, and a gentle Mediterranean breeze. It also boasts excellent facilities, making it a must-visit for beach lovers.

Food and Drink

Sithonia's culinary landscape mirrors its geography, offering a wonderful blend of the earth and the sea. Here, let’s explore some of the mouth-watering delights this gastronomic wonderland has in store.

Indulge in tradition at Antigoni’s Fish Tavern

Head to the seaside village of Agios Nikolaos to sample some of the finest seafood dishes in Greece. Antigoni's Fish Tavern, with its traditional recipes, fresh ingredients, and awe-inspiring setting, is an unmissable delight.

Enjoy a Culinary experience at 5 Steps in the Sand

This unique restaurant in Sithonia offers a truly immersive dining experience. Seated on the stunning Sarti Beach, enjoy a meal imbued with the Mediterranean ambience, complemented by the tantalising cuisine.

Sample Gourmet Greek cuisine at Armenakis

Situated in the picturesque village of Sykia, this family-run restaurant offers a menu filled with traditional Greek cuisine refined by modern culinary techniques—a true treat for the taste buds.

Wash down the day at the Kriaritsi Beach Bar

From its spectacular view of the beach to its superb selection of refreshing cocktails and beverages, this beach bar is the ideal spot to kick back and soak up the sun setting upon the azure waves.

Experience street food at the Nikiti Honey Festival

Try Greek street food in all its glory at this lively food festival. Held every August, the Nikiti Honey Festival showcases the local produce of Sithonia, including delicious honey-infused dishes, sweets, and drinks.

Destination Essentials

While Sithonia impresses its visitors year-round, its sun-kissed summers from June to September offer an ideal atmosphere for beachcombers, while the quieter months of April and October are perfect for hikers and nature lovers, thanks to comfortable temperatures and relatively less crowd.

The weather in mid-October continues to be pleasant, ranging from 14 to 25 degrees, with mildly sporadic showers refreshing the lush landscape. Whether it's the warmth of the summer sun, the vibrant flora in spring, or the soothing autumnal winds, Sithonia is a captivating Greek wonder throughout the year, all the while garnering high weather ratings from visitors.


The allure of Sithonia lies in its stunning coastlines, each beach unravelling a paradisiacal landscape bathed in a glow of golden sunlight. Here’s a peek at some of its inviting coastlines.

Revel in the Beauty of Ai Giannis Beach

Located in the northern reaches of the peninsula, Ai Giannis Beach is a treasure trove of azure waters, soft sand, and coastal beauty. It's a perfect escape from the buzz of more populated coastal stretches.

Bask in the Tranquillity of Azapiko Beach

Hidden amidst an unspoilt natural landscape, Azapiko Beach offers serene surroundings, calm blue waters and an adventurous cliffside hike for the exploration-inclined.

Relish the charm of Tristinika Beach

This less-known gem in the southern peninsula spoils visitors with expansive sandy shores, warm waters, and a unique off-the-beaten-track charm.

Soak up the serenity of Kalamitsi Beach

One of the quieter retreats in Sithonia, Kalamitsi Beach rewards its visitors with crystalline waters, lush green backdrops, and a smorgasbord of water sports.

Discover the Jewel by the Sea, Kriaritsi Beach

Azure waters, golden sand fringed by lush vegetation, and a sense of tranquility – Kriaritsi Beach embodies the beauty of Sithonia’s coastline and is a highlight of any visit.

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