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Ah, Skopelos. This enchanting Greek island nestled in the western Aegean Sea is known for its captivating charm, rich history, and a verdant landscape that would impress the most seasoned of travellers.

Whether you're on the hunt for serene beaches, ancient legends, or a gastronomical adventure, Skopelos is the Greek ecstasy you've been dreaming about. From the Mamma Mia church on a cliff to the unending allure of Greek culture, this piece details the island's not-to-be-missed attractions.

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Things to See and Do

From historic edifices standing tall against the test of time to dramatic landscapes unfolding heart-stealing views, Skopelos has no dearth of enchanting attractions. Here are some must-visit beauties.

Hike up the Mamma Mia Cliff

The famed Mamma Mia church at Agios Ioannis Kastri, nestled atop a dramatic cliff, offers not just spiritual solace but views that'll take your breath away. Reward your 110 step-climb with a panorama of azure seas and a near-private beach basking in its crystal-clear waters.

Explore Amarandos Cove

It's small. It's rocky. And it's absolutely delightful! Amarandos Cove – famed after being featured in Mamma Mia – christened the 'swimming pool' by locals, offers calm azure waters perfect for a divine swim, diving or fishing.

Discover Carved Graves Sedoukia

This ancient monument, dominated by engraved tombs of pirates and surrounded by legends of ghosts and gold, equals historic charm narrated against a breath-taking landscape. A hike to the grave is an adventure as the walk is filled with lush green landscapes and endless panoramic views.

Take a Stroll in Glossa Village

Enjoy the slow-paced Greek life by wandering in the streets of Glossa, the second-largest settlement in Skopelos. Savour the traditional lifestyle and magnificent surrounding views of this high-altitude village.

Relax at Neo Klima

Unwind in the purpose-built village of Neo Klima where beach relaxation and leisure walks await you. Discover secluded bays and hidden beaches, and indulge in the picture-perfect sunset views.

Food and Drink

Skopelos' culinary tradition is a delightful blend of the island’s rich history, local produce, and Greek hospitality. Here's a taste of what to expect.

Taste Skopelos Cheese Pie

Dive deep into the traditional tastes with a bite of the famous Skopelos cheese pie – an intricate spiral phyllo pastry fiesta filled with tangy local cheese.

Savour Fresh Skopelos Lobster

Seafood fans, rejoice! Relish the taste of the freshest Skopelos lobster at local tavernas and whet your appetite for more.

Sip Local Skopelian Wine

Next, wash down your feast with local wine, ideal for savouring Skopelos' rich viticulture legacy.

Nibble on Honey-Drizzled Loukoumades

End your meal on a sweet note with loukoumades – fluffy Greek donuts generously drizzled with Skopelian honey.

Indulge in a Greek Cooking Class

Turn into a Greek chef for a day and take home the flavours of Skopelos by signing up for a traditional cooking class.

Destination Essentials

For capturing the brilliance of Skopelos at its best, plan your visit between June and September when the island's weather is ideal with temperature around 29.6°C during the day. During these months, Skopelos sparkles under the sun and the sea waters are enticing, creating a perfect recipe for beach relaxation and water adventures.

Spring and autumn (April to May and October) are also excellent times to visit Skopelos for comfortable weather and fewer crowds, perfect for exploration. However, if you prefer a quieter getaway, winter offers a unique side to the island – expect cooler temperatures, greener landscapes, and a touch of tranquillity.


Skopelos is home to some of the most idyllic beaches of the Aegean. Here's a closer look.

Unwind at Agios Ioannis Beach

Pamper your senses with the turquoise waters and majestic landscape of Agios Ioannis beach. With its serene atmosphere and jaw-dropping views, it's an invitation to relaxation.

Discover Perivoliou Beach

Located on the northeastern side of Skopelos, Perivoliou beach is nature's canvas with crystal clear waters and a sandy shore. Enjoy the calm here under the shade of stunning rocks.

Soak up the Sun at Velanio Beach

Velanio beach, Skopelos' only official nudist beach, boasts calm crystal waters and fine golden sand. Discover the tranquil side of the island at this peaceful retreat.

Dive in at Amarandos Cove

Often referred to as 'the swimming pool' due to its serene, blue waters, Amarandos Cove is perfect for diving and fishing, drenched in the charm of the Mediterranean.

Hike to Sedoukia Carved Graves

Bathe in the enchanting aura of history and immerse in the stunning panoramas around Sedoukia's pirate graves. Get ready for a sun-soaked adventure amid stories of golden treasure and pirate ghost guardians.

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