Thessaloniki Holidays

Embodying a rich Cultural Heritage, Thessaloniki in Greece is ripe with historical intrigue and modern allure. With its diverse mix of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman influences, it provides a unique backdrop for an unforgettable holiday experience.

From ancient monuments to buzzing food markets, and from beautiful beaches to a vibrant nightlife, Thessaloniki has everything to captivate your senses. Diverse, dynamic and full of character, a visit to Thessaloniki truly is a journey through time.

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Things to See and Do

With an abundance of historical landmarks, bustling museums and breath-taking vistas, Thessaloniki offers a treasure trove of experiences for the discerning traveller. Here are just a few unmissable highlights guaranteed to make your stay that much more memorable.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Formerly an Ottoman prison turned historical monument, the White Tower cuts an imposing figure on Thessaloniki’s waterfront. With its rich and chequered past, it provides a sobering history lesson and a breath-taking panoramic view of the city from its top turret.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Home to ancient artefacts from various historical periods, this museum offers an enlightening, up-close view of Thessaloniki’s past. The building itself is a tribute to contemporary Greek architecture, making for a modern showcase of the old.

Walls of Thessaloniki

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient walls of Thessaloniki are a sight to behold. Connected to the city’s Acropolis, these fortifications offer a personable exploration of history, free from typical tourist congestion.

Thessaloniki’s charming neighbourhoods

Meandering through the city, you'll discover charming districts with unique vibes. Take time to explore the cafes, stores and art installations of Ano Poli, an area left untouched by modern development, or lose yourself in the bustling streets of Modiano, an old marketplace teeming with character.


Originally a Roman mausoleum, later a mosque and now an Orthodox church, the Rotunda of Galerius is one of Thessaloniki’s most unique landmarks. Its remarkable transformations over the centuries reflect the city’s diverse historical influences.

Destination Essentials

The ideal time to explore Thessaloniki is between May and July when the weather is at its best, allowing for ample outdoor exploration. Daylight hours extend, painting the city in glorious sunlight, and the temperatures range from pleasantly warm to the occasional hot peak, perfect for beach retreats and city tours.

The peak tourist season is from July to August when the weather is driest. Lower hotel prices in December and cheaper car rentals in February may appeal to budget-conscious travellers, while the cooler month of March, despite being the rainiest, could be an interesting time to experience the city's vibrant café culture.

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