Zakynthos Holidays

Welcome to Zakynthos, or Zante - a charming Greek island in the Ionian Sea, embodying the best of traditional Greek culture with sparkling azure waters, quaint seaside villages and an international flamingo population. With the island's nickname being the "Flower of the Levant", bestowed by the Venetians who once ruled, your journey here promises to be a bouquet of stunning landscapes, historic sites and unforgettable experiences.

Bask in Zakynthos' Mediterranean climate, explore its variety of agricultural delights, witness the nesting of the loggerhead sea turtles, or get lost in the majesty of its famous landmarks like the Navagio beach or Blue Caves. A holiday to Zakynthos will leave you with delightful memories and a yearning to return.

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Things to See and Do

Zakynthos is an island boasting a wealth of attractions. From the bustling Solomos Square to the serene Blue Caves, the island's uniqueness lies in its variety. Experience the blend of history, culture and vibrant natural beauty as you make your way around Zakynthos, enjoying the many treasures it offers.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Zakynthos

The ever-vibrant Solomos Square, named after the national poet Dionisios Solomos, sits proudly at the end of the central port dock. Imbued with rich cultural history, this area buzzes with cultural and religious festivals and is surrounded by stunning historic architecture.

Discover the sublime beauty of the Blue Caves

Popular among tourists, the Blue Caves provide mesmerising views with their azure waters that gleam under the sunshine. Accessible by sea and best visited at dawn or dusk, the true beauty of these caves is revealed in the ethereal blue glow illuminating the surrounding waters.

Take a plunge into the Keri Caves

On the southwestern coast of Zakynthos lie the Keri Caves, providing the perfect location for underwater exploration. Whether you choose to swim or boat, the sunlight reflecting on the water inside gives it a spell-binding blue hue, providing a sight you won't forget.

Relax in the bustling atmosphere of Laganas Beach

Laganas Beach is known for its vibrant nightlife and rich variety of amenities. Tucked between the excitement of beach bars and water sports facilities, you can also find peaceful moments in seaside taverns overlooking the beach - a haven for endangered sea turtles nesting areas.

Indulge in the tourist haven of Alykanas Beach

Much loved by holiday makers, Alykanas Beach offers golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Despite the bustling crowd during the summers, the beach maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by luxury accommodation and water sports facilities. Nearby, attractions include Askos Stone Park and Agios Nikolaos Shinari resort.

Destination Essentials

With a Mediterranean climate and stunning landscapes, Zakynthos is a destination that shines throughout the year. However, spring and autumn are ideal seasons to visit for pleasant weather and lesser crowds. From March to May or September to December, you'll bask in moderate sunshine without the intensity of the summer heat.

Summers offer perfect beach weather and a vibrant atmosphere, but it could get crowded. Winter brings mild but rainy weather with fairly low temperatures, making it a less popular time. But whatever season you choose, Zakynthos, with its captivating charm and historic grandeur, never fails to deliver a memorable holiday experience.

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