Guatemala Holidays

Steeped in history, wrapped in exquisite beauty, and boasting the kind of character that sets it apart from other destinations, Guatemala is a gem in Central America that continuously sparks wanderlust.

Whether you're yearning for an adventurous getaway with friends, ready to unearth historical and cultural discoveries with family, or weaning for a romantic, off-the-beaten-track sojourn, Guatemala is poised to surpass your expectations. Marvel at the legacy of the Mayan civilisation, explore elegant colonial towns, or immerse yourself in the natural splendour of volcanoes and rainforests. Guatemala accommodates every taste, desire, and budget, promising a holiday to cherish and memories that linger long after your sun-kissed tan has faded.


An interesting tapestry of age-old ruins, volcanoes, awe-inspiring landscapes, and vibrant cities, Guatemala is a colourful and exhilarating destination waiting to be unveiled. Let’s delve into the best-loved locales, from the charming city of Antigua to the serene beauty of Lake Atitlán.


Cobbled streets, colonial charm, and stoic volcanoes make Antigua a must-visit destination. Jam-packed with cafés, boutiques, and architectural wonders, it’s a mecca for couples and culture-hungry travellers.

Guatemala City

A compelling blend of old and new, Guatemala City delights with museums, galleries, parks, and a cosmopolitan edge. It’s an enticing option for urban explorers and backpackers alike.

Lake Atitlán

Arguably the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Atitlán is an intoxicating mixture of towering volcanoes and calm, blue waters. Ideal for those seeking tranquillity and awe-inspiring vistas.


This quaint island-town on Lake Petén Itzá is perfect for lovers of nature and history. It’s a convenient base for excursions to the nearby Mayan ruins of Tikal.

Semuc Champey

For adventure seekers, Semuc Champey is a paradise of turquoise pools and limestone bridges set amidst dense tropical rainforest - an exciting detour from the conventional path.

Where to Stay

Whether your holiday dream involves getting lost together in colonial cities, adventuring with friends in lush rainforests, or revelling with family in cultural extravaganzas, Guatemala proffers an array of idyllic locations to call home during your adventurous sojourn.

For a family holiday

Brimming with cultural treasures and a welcoming ambience, Antigua offers a unique concoction of attractions and museums, perfect for enriching family outings. For a lakeside retreat, panaromic Flores won't disappoint.

For a couples holiday

If you're planning a romantic escape, the mesmerising views and tranquil vibes of Lake Atitlán create an enchanting backdrop for passion. Antigua's charming streets and candlelit restaurants are also ideal for cosying up with your significant other.

For a holiday with friends

For an adventurous jaunt with mates, the undisturbed bliss and thrill-seeking ventures in Semuc Champey are second to none. Equally, the cosmopolitan allure of Guatemala City offers a plethora of social hangouts, from bars to art galleries.

When to Visit

Frequent flights and soothing temperatures make Guatemala a year-round destination. For optimum enjoyment, however, the dry season from November to April is most favourable, offering bright skies and less chance of rainfall. During this period, Guatemala is at the height of its vibrancy, pulsating with city festivals and cultural events.

The wetter months from May to October are characterised by morning sun and afternoon rains. Though outdoor activities may be interrupted, this 'green season' unlocks lower prices and fewer crowds, providing opportunities for leisurely exploration. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining!

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