Hungary Holidays

Hungary, located in the heart of Europe, is soaked in history and culture, and is a destination that captivates at every turn. From the cascading thermal baths of Budapest to charming rural vineyards, this gem offers an allure for couples, families, and friends alike.

Whether you're craving a tranquil retreat, an adventurous holiday, or a city break, Hungary's diverse appeal has something in store for everyone. Better yet, the country hits every price bracket thanks to its economical Eastern European prices combined with luxurious options for those unafraid to spoil themselves. You will find an abundance of sightseeing delights, culinary destinations, and a riveting nightlife over this pocket-friendly holiday destination.


Hungary is brimming with destinations that will leave you awestruck. Discover our favourite spots, from the capital of Budapest to the tranquil town of Eger, each holding its unique beauty ready to be explored.


The capital, Budapest, will capture you with its neoclassical architecture and thermal baths. Walk through the historic Castle Hill, take a river cruise along the Danube, or simply relax in its famous thermal baths to soak in the city's charm.

Lake Balaton

As the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is a hotspot for water sports, wine tasting, and bird watching. The northern shores are home to historic castles and rolling vineyards, making it an ideal location for a family retreat or romantic getaway.


If you're eager to escape bustling city life, Eger is your refuge. This charming small town in northern Hungary is home to thermal baths, a historic castle and Turkey's Minaret, which offers stunning panoramic views.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Hollókő is the epitome of traditional Hungarian life. With marvellous baroque architecture and old-world charm, it’s an enchanting destination that seems untouched by time.


The multicultural city of Pécs, located near the Croatian border, is rich in Roman and Turkish architecture. Few can resist the allure of the Pécs Cathedral and the picturesque Széchenyi Square.

Where to Stay

Whether you're planning a family-friendly adventure, a romantic escapade or a jaunt with friends, the vast array of accommodation in these Hungarian hotspots won't leave you disappointed.


For family holidays, Budapest is hard to beat with plenty of child-friendly attractions like the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, Tropicarium, and the exciting Pinball Museum. And for a truly unique experience, Miskolctapolca offers therapeutic bathing in a natural cave system.

Romantic Escape

For couples, Lake Balaton offers a romantic setting, with enchanting vineyards and lake-front resorts to choose from. Also, Eger's thermal baths and picturesque old town make it a perfect cosy getaway for two.

Friends' Getaway

Budapest's hip and happening nightlife, combined with its rich history, makes it a fantastic choice for a lively holiday with friends. Pécs, on the other hand, serves as a cultural hub, offering an eclectic mix of Roman and Turkish architecture.

When to Visit

If you don't mind the crowds and want to enjoy balmy weather, consider visiting Hungary during the summer months from June through to August. This high season is ideal for experiencing everything from wine festivals to lake visits.

For travellers seeking a blend of pleasant weather and fewer crowds, late spring or early autumn, from April to May and September to October, offer a great balance. During this time, you could enjoy Hungary's countryside walks and sightseeing in a more tranquil setting.

Don't discount the winter months from November to March. Those willing to brave the somewhat chilly temperatures might catch the magic of Hungary's Christmas markets or visit one of the country’s many thermal baths for a warm escape.

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