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Nestled within India's charming Konkan belt, South Goa is a corner of serenity draped in rich culture and history. This enchanting haven is blanketed with verdant nature and boasts of scintillating beaches, offering the quintessential antidote to life's fast pace.

Defined by its old-world charm, bountiful attractions, and simmering local cuisines, a trip to South Goa is more than just a holiday - it's an immersive journey into India's coastal heartland. Buckle up to discover this captivating district, strategically located on the stunning Arabian Sea. There's much to explore, savour, and enjoy here!

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Things to See and Do

South Goa is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to unfold. From basking under the warm sun on its serene beaches to exploring elements of a bygone era, let's nudge you toward the best of the city’s experiences.

Velsao Beach

Embrace the serenity of Velsao Beach. This unspoiled gem offers the perfect respite from buzzing city life. With the Arabian Sea lapping onto its golden sands, it's the perfect spot for an idyllic day trip. Not too far, you can check into the Horizon Beach Resort or Pifran's Holiday Beach Resort.

Cabo de Rama Fort

Delve into bygone eras at Cabo de Rama Fort. Once a battleground for mighty monarchs, this historical site now paints the canvas of the azure sky with remnants of the Portuguese era. Don't miss a tour through its chapel, Capela de Santo António.

Dudhsagar Falls

Take a shower at Dudhsagar Falls. This majestic waterfall cascades thunderously from a sky-high height of 310 metres. Remember to pack your swimsuits before you navigate through the lush Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary to this delightful spectacle.

Food and Drink

The indulgence in South Goa extends from its attractions to its cuisine. The destination is a flavourfest, teeming with exotic food, refreshing drinks, and memorable dining experiences.

Fish Curry Rice

Experience divine culinary delight in the form of Fish Curry Rice, a staple in most local households. Relish the plethora of flavours in Goan cafreal, a lip-smacking green chicken curry, best enjoyed at Pousada By The Beach.


For seafood lovers, a trip to Fishka is an absolute must. This restaurant excels at Goan speciality - Prawn Balchao. Pair it with Pao, the local bread for an unforgettable meal.


End your gastronomic adventure on a sweet note with Bebinca, a mesmerising layered dessert crafted with simple pantry ingredients. Enjoy this dessert at any local sweet shop or beach shack for the true essence of Goa.

Destination Essentials

South Goa's tropical climate makes it an enjoyable visit at any time of the year. However, the period between December and March is the favourite among tourists, offering the perfect blend of sunshine and chill.

Venturing here during May to October can also be a wise choice for budget travellers. This is the monsoon season when hotel and flight prices go down. Just remember to carry your rainwear and prepare yourself for occasional showers and gusty winds.


Lending character to this charming district, South Goa's beaches are unmatched when it comes to idyllic beauty. A symphony of captivating sights, therapeutic sands, and cobalt waters, they're the city’s essence distilled.

Palolem Beach

Feel the sand between your toes at Palolem Beach. Known for its mesmerising sunset views, this beach hosts an array of activities from yoga classes to silent discos, ensuring an eventful day for everyone.

Nesting Turtle Beach

Spot the Olive Ridley Turtles at Nesting Turtle Beach. Experience the pure joy of nature's rhythm as these gentle creatures journey from sea to sand to lay their eggs.

Agonda Beach

Head to Agonda Beach to unwind amidst nature. Winning accolades for its pristine sands and serene backdrop, this beach is synonymous with tranquillity.

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