Lombok Holidays

Immerse yourself in the captivating enchantment of Lombok, your personal slice of Indonesian paradise. A less travelled oasis that whirls together untouched coastlines, shimmering sea, thriving culture, and breathtaking mountainous landscapes. Whether you're an exuberant explorer seeking vibrant wildlife, a couple in search of secluded tranquillity or a family ready for a beach holiday adventure, Lombok caters to all. Expect an unrivalled fusion of unspoilt beauty, vibrant cultural immersions and relaxing treatments to shed the harries of everyday life, all at a budget that suits you.

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From azure, lapping waters to bustling markets pulsating with life, Lombok offers a plethora of destinations that appeal to the taste of every traveller. Let's delve into the unique treasures each marvellous corner of Lombok has to offer.


Boasting an impressive array of beachfront resorts, Senggigi is a prime location for wanderers looking for picture-perfect sunsets. The vibrant nightlife, exquisite dining venues and the easy accessibility to other parts of Lombok make it an unmissable stop.

Mount Rinjani

Experience an adrenaline rush as you conquer this active volcano wrapped in a cloak of magnificent beauty. The trek to Mount Rinjani offers unparalleled views of serene Crater Lake and the lush landscapes of Lombok.


Famed for crystal-clear waters, Kuta is the heart of Lombok. Its escapist beaches bring a touch of paradise to holidaymakers. Surfers will find delight in the powerful waves while others can enjoy a tranquil beachside retreat.

Gili Islands

Off the North-west coast of Lombok, the Gilis offer a taste of idyllic island life. Consisting of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, each one caters to a unique holiday vibe - optimistic party-goers, tranquil lovebirds and nirvana-seeking divers respectively.

Tanjung Aan Bay

Home to the whitest, most pristine sand in Lombok, Tanjung Aan Bay is a corner of paradise untouched by crowds. Rejuvenate under palm-thatched shades while absorbing the jaw-dropping natural beauty.

Where to Stay

From cultural escapades and adrenaline adventures to blissful beachside vacations, Lombok offers an array of places to stay, fitting for every holiday make-up, be it family, friend or couple.

Family holidays

Mellow Senggigi, with its impressive spread of family-friendly resorts and activities, is an ideal choice for families. The beaches are perfect for building sandcastles, and the jungle treks are a thrilling escape for adventurous children.

Couples holidays

Find your romantic reprieve in Kuta, a beachside resort town. With intimate spas and private villas on offer, couples can relish in peaceful tranquillity set against a backdrop of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Holidays with friends

For those embarking on a group expedition, Gili Trawangan offers the perfect blend of relaxing beach days and vibrant nightlife. Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular daytime activities, while evenings hail the start of beachside parties.

When to Visit

With temperatures ranging around a balmy 30°C, Lombok relishes consistent year-round weather conditions. However, many travellers prefer the dry season between May and October, setting the scene for uninterrupted beach fun and exploration.

For those opting for the wet season between November and April, expect short but intermittent showers, usually later in the day, leaving your mornings free to soak up the stunning beauty that Lombok has to offer. Fewer tourists during the wet season also means you can avail better deals on accommodation.

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