Iraq Holidays

Discover the raw beauty and rich history that Iraq offers, a unique destination that is often overlooked for holidays. Iraq rises like a phoenix, capturing the intrigue of travellers with ancient cities, awe-inspiring landscapes, and warm-hearted locals. Whether you're an adventurous couple, a family thirsty for knowledge, or a group of friends seeking the road less travelled, Iraq presents a journey like no other. From the bustling energy of Baghdad, magnificent ruins of Babylon, the sacred city of Najaf, to the majestic mountains in Kurdistan, your journey in Iraq would be nothing short of extraordinary and educational.


With a vast landscape encompassing mountains, deserts, and rivers, different parts of Iraq appeal to different kinds of travellers. This section highlights some of the most fascinating destinations in Iraq that continue to enchant visitors with their rich history and diverse attractions.


The capital city of Iraq, Baghdad is the commercial hub of the country and a bustling metropolis with lively souks and a vibrant intellectual scene. It has a rich historical background with significant monuments like the Mustansiriya School, Al-Mutanabbi Street, and the iconic Victory Arch.


One of the world's oldest cities, Babylon is a must-visit for history buffs. This erstwhile powerhouse of ancient civilisation houses the remnants of the iconic Hanging Gardens and Ishtar Gate, providing profound insights into human history.


Home to the Imam Ali Shrine, Najaf is a sacred city drawing thousands of pilgrims annually. With its deep-rooted Shiite traditions, the city is a fascinating blend of spirituality and Iraq's rich history.


Another key city for religious travellers, Karbala houses the tomb of Imam Hussein, a historical figure revered in Shiite Islam. The city also has a museum exhibiting artefacts spanning several centuries.


For those who love mountains and the thrill of outdoor adventures, the region of Kurdistan, with its untouched natural beauty, serves as an enticing escape from the deserts and cities of Iraq.

Where to Stay

Whether you're looking for the buzz of city life, immersion into history, or the peaceful beauty of mountains, Iraq offers diverse areas to stay that suit every traveller’s taste and need. This section provides a breakdown on where to stay in Iraq for couples, families, and friends.

For a family holiday

Baghdad, being the country's capital, offers a range of family-friendly accommodations and attractions. Museums, parks, and markets will keep the family engaged, while the myriad of dining options cater to everyone's taste.

For a couples holiday

Couples looking for a quiet retreat will find it in the beautiful mountainous region of Kurdistan. Offering an array of cosy holiday homes and lodges, it creates the perfect romantic ambience amidst natural beauty.

For a holiday with friends

History-loving friends will relish in the ancient city of Babylon, offering budget-friendly accommodations nearby. Staying in this city allows easy access to explore the ruins and the rich culture of the historic civilisation.

When to Visit

Being a predominantly desert country, Iraq has summers that can be exceedingly hot, while winters can be quite chilly. The best time to visit Iraq is during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), when the weather is mild and perfect for sightseeing. However, please keep in mind the country's prevailing safety warning advisories during the planning of your visit.

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