Cork Holidays

Perched on the lush banks of River Lee, Cork, the third largest city on the island of Ireland, boasts rich history, distinctive culinary traditions, and diverse landscapes, making it quite the holiday destination.

From the charm of its medieval city centre to its captivating art galleries and rebel spirit, Cork always has something unexpected in store. Not to mention the melodious lilt of the iconic Cork accent humming around every corner - a visit here promises a memorable journey into the heart of the 'Rebel County'.

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Things to See and Do

Cork's beguiling collection of attractions are sure to enrapture every traveller. From centuries-old castles to intriguing museums and the tranquil aesthetics of its parks, Cork truly has a diverse range of experiences in store. Here are our top five choices for your itinerary.

Food and Drink

Synonymous with unique dishes like crubeens and drisheen, Cork's food scene is every gourmand’s dream. Where traditional flavours meet a modern twist, foodies can enjoy a culinary journey filled with memorable tastes and aromas.

Destination Essentials

Cork is a year-round destination. During summers, temperatures range pleasantly between 15°C and 20°C, offering the ideal conditions for city exploration, coastal drives, and outdoor events.


The allure of Cork extends from its vibrant cityscape to its serene coastline. Discover breathtaking beaches where you can unwind, enjoy exhilarating water sports, or simply marvel at the picturesque sea views.

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