Jerusalem Holidays

Jerusalem, the beating heart of three great religions is truly a wonder to behold. The shimmering, enchanted city with golden hues whispering of the historic tales attracted millions over the years to its labyrinthine streets.

From the sacred ruins of the Western Wall to the charms of the vibrant markets, the delectable delights on your plate to the sheer beauty of it all, prepare to be absolutely captivated by Jerusalem. Buckle up for a spiritually fulfilling journey soaked in rich culture and history.

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Things to See and Do

Grandeur abounds in Jerusalem, parading a kaleidoscope of ancient monuments, captivating museums, and enchanting sacred sites. From the charm of the Old City to the mystique of underground tunnels, the capital city offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration. Here are some truly unmissable gems.

Immerse in the historical treasure of The Israel Museum

A cultural beacon, The Israel Museum is an enthralling experience for all. Don't miss their extraordinary assembly of artefacts and the glorious outdoor sculpture garden, perfect for a leisurely family stroll.

Step into bygone era with מנהרות הכותל

Discover the depth of Jerusalem’s antiquity at the Western Wall Tunnels (מנהרות הכותל) as you meander through narrow passageways, view archaeological excavations, and marvel at preserved structures. A mesmerising cultural trip awaits you.

Visit the Western Wall, the religious zenith

Experience spirituality at one of Judaism's holiest sites, the Western Wall. Feel the sacred atmosphere seep into your being as you observe the tradition of placing prayer notes in the wall's cracks.

Soak in the serene scenery of Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Boasting lovely landscaped sections and diverse plant collections, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens offers a simply delightful and tranquil escape for families.

Embark on an exploration of history at the Tower of David Museum

Situated in the ancient Jerusalem Citadel, the Tower of David Museum showcases the significant periods in the city's 3,000-year-old history. History buffs will be in seventh heaven!

Destination Essentials

The best time to visit Jerusalem with the family is during the spring or autumn months (April-May or September-October). These periods offer comfortable temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius and fewer tourist crowds, providing a more relaxed vista.

From cultural exploration to simply enjoying local cuisine or strolling in beautiful gardens, Jerusalem offers a range of activities including the iconic Western Wall, The Israel Museum, and the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens to name a few. Be sure to consider religious holidays like Passover and Sukkot which may affect some activities' availability.

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