Nazareth Holidays

With a rich medley of history, culture and spirituality, Nazareth claims its rightful place among Israel's most intriguing destinations. Peppered with ancient landmarks and brimming with biblical resonance, Nazareth is a treasure trove that fulfills the quest for historical exploration.

Embrace the city's ancient grandeur while strolling through iconic streets, exemplifying the narratives of the Bible. Whether you're interested in engaging your family in a cultural immersion or tantalising your tastebuds with Middle-Eastern flavours, Nazareth promises to amply please.

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Things to See and Do

Cobblestone lanes echoing with tales of yore, vibrant markets bursting with local produce, and immersive experiences that transport you back to biblical times – Nazareth is a fabulous tapestry of sights and sounds. Here are some of the city's distinctive highlights worth checking out.

Experience the resonance of the Basilica of the Annunciation

Submerge yourself in history and faith at this celebrated basilica, venerated as the site where Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive Jesus. Absorb the spiritual magnitude of the site and marvel at the modernist architecture.

Lose yourself in the bustling Nazareth Market

Being a vivacious cultural hub, the market is a paradise for those seeking authentic Israeli wares. Thread through the aisles to find local crafts, savor delicious street food and engage with cheerful traders in this marketplace.

Discover the allure of Nazareth Village

Immerse yourself in this living museum that recreates Nazareth as it was in Jesus' era. From witnessing traditional crafts to stepping into character with period costumes, your family will enjoy the engaging educational journey.

Explore the heart of Nazareth City Centre

Feel the pulse of the city by wandering through its culturally rich city centre. Visit the myriad attractions, taste local cuisines, and choose from plentiful accommodation options tailored for various tastes and budgets.

Relish in the local cuisine

Nazareth is renowned for its remarkable food scene. Do not miss out on sampling local specialties that are a delightful enticement to the palate.

Destination Essentials

The best time to plan your family holiday to Nazareth is from April to June and from September till November when the weather is pleasantly moderate. These times allow for comfortable outdoor activities and exploration without the hindrance of extreme summer heat.

A special time to visit Nazareth would be during Christmas season, from late November to early January. With a myriad of festivities and a vibrant atmosphere, Christmas in Nazareth is an utterly magical experience. Soak in the spirit of celebration that engulfs the city, and be part of a unique holiday experience.

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