Tel Aviv Holidays

Breathing out a constant stream of vibrant energy, Tel Aviv becomes the ultimate holiday canvas, painted with the bright hues of culture, pulsating nightlife, and a blend of ancient and ultra-modern urbanisation.

As you wander through boulevards graced by International Style architecture, relish exquisite food in trendy cafes, and lose yourself in the rhythm of the city's lively "Nonstop" buzz, you'll find yourself immersed in a multifaceted experience that equally resonates with history, innovation, and an irresistible zest for life.

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Things to See and Do

From the age-old allure of Jaffa's narrow alleyways to the contemporary sophistication of the Museum of Art, Tel Aviv presents a seamless fusion of history and innovation that is sure to captivate your senses. Here are the five attractions you simply cannot afford to miss.

Rev up your excitement on an EZRaider TLV scooter ride

With its sturdy design and dynamic motor, an excursion on an EZRaider TLV electric off-road scooter adds an exhilarating touch to your Tel Aviv exploration. The adjustable dimensions make it a fantastic adventure for all ages, bringing the city's many secrets within your easy grasp.

Delight in the all-day buzz of Tel Aviv Port

A lively centre of activity at all hours, the Tel Aviv Port offers a buffet of experiences from leisurely walks and fishing to shopping sprees in late-night fashion boutiques. With wooden decks transformed into child-friendly play areas, this is a destination the whole family can enjoy.

Make a wish at the Dizengoff Fountain

Experience Tel Aviv through the eyes of art at the Dizengoff Fountain. This dynamic architectural marvel at the heart of Dizengoff Square creates fascinating perspectives with its shifting hues and form, etching a vibrant memory of the Tel Avivian cityscape into your travel archives.

Walk down history lane in Jaffa Old City

Take a stroll amid the quaint charm of Jaffa Old City, soaking in its heritage and tranquil vibes. The cradle of Tel Aviv's ancient roots, this region brings together the past and the present in a stunning play of time.

Indulge in a cultural retreat at the Eretz Israel Museum

For a deep dive into Israel's rich lineage, the Eretz Israel Museum is a must-visit. Through its diverse exhibits, the institution offers a blueprint of the nation's journey from its early days to its present status as an economic powerhouse.

Destination Essentials

While Tel Aviv's charm remains temperate throughout the year, the months from April to October offer the best of the city's allure. The late spring (April to May) and early autumn (September to October) bring forth a tender warmth that perfectly complements your exploration of the city's gems.

In the peak summer, from June to August, the city's beaches glitter under the Israeli sun, attracting millions of sun worshippers. Winter months (January to March) give Tel Aviv's cityscape a moist sheen, presenting a cooler but still enchanting version of the city for discovery.

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