Israel City Breaks

Discover the historic allure of Israel with city breaks that capture the heart and spirit of this diverse country. Embark on a journey through ancient biblical sites, explore cosmopolitan cities and marvel at the natural beauty that Israel has to offer. Expect extraordinary experiences, whether it's a stroll through vibrant markets, a journey through time at fascinating museums, or a delectable feast of traditional fare. Israel offers city breaks that are tailor-made for families, couples, and adventure seekers, all within an accessible budget. Enjoy an unforgettable travel experience steeped in culture, history, and tradition.


Israel provides an immersive exploration of ancient traditions, modern city life, and stunning natural beauty. From the sun-kissed coastlines to the bustling cosmopolitan cities brimming with beautiful architecture, each day in Israel brings a new adventure to behold.

Climb the cliff-top fortress of Masada

Emerging from the vast desert landscape, the ancient fortress of Masada offers stunning panoramic vistas of the Dead Sea. Experience a sense of awe as you uncover tales of courage and sacrifice from almost 2000 years ago. The UNESCO World Heritage site can be reached via a challenging hike or a relaxing cable car ride.

Pay tribute at the Western Wall

Situated in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall is a symbol of faith and a profound connection to Jewish heritage. Visitors from all backgrounds are welcomed to leave written prayers in the wall's crevices, a tradition believed to bring about divine intervention.

Discover underground wonders at Maresha

The archaeological site of Maresha, part of the Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park, takes you on an exploration of an underground city with interlinked tunnels and chambers. Dive into the world of ancient civilizations and participate in archaeological excavations, uncovering the secrets of the past.

Relish the vibrant energy of Tel Aviv

Dubbed the 'Mediterranean Capital of Cool' by Lonely Planet, Tel Aviv is a thriving hub of innovation and entertainment. Relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy a walk through the Bauhaus-style White City, or get lost in the colourful Carmel Market.

Wander through the mystical city of Jerusalem

The spiritual heart of Israel is a city like no other. Walk along the Via Dolorosa, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, explore the Muslim Quarter, and step back in time in the Jewish Quarter.

City Essentials

Israel boasts of a pleasant Mediterranean climate making it an ideal all-year-round destination. However, the best time to visit Israel is during the spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) when the weather is warm and comfortable. Even during winter, the temperatures are moderately cool, making it perfect for sightseeing and exploring. Before planning your trip, don't forget to check the dates of major Jewish holidays as most attractions would be closed during these times.


Whether you're enjoying a quiet drink at a coastal bar in Tel Aviv, dancing the night away at one of Jerusalem's bustling nightclubs, or experiencing the unique night markets of Jaffa Port, Israel's nightlife offers something for every traveller. Discover a variety of bars, clubs and entertainment venues that cater to a diverse set of interests, be it music, dance, food, or simply strolling through beautifully lit cityscapes.

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