Calabria Holidays

Envisage a land where the boundless sea, hued of sapphire and turquoise, kisses sandy shores and rocky cliffs. Imagine olive groves and vineyards stretching across undulating landscapes, revealing ancient villages and Byzantine churches. This idyllic land is none other than Calabria – Italy's best-kept secret lying in the south of the Mediterranean. Calabria, while not as well-trodden as the likes of Venice or Rome, promises an authentic Italian holiday experience whether you're a couple seeking romance, a family ready for adventure or a group of friends longing for sun-soaked days. It treasures countless gems from beach resorts, all-inclusive hotels, delectable cuisines, to a wealth of cultural heritage and activities that cater to all budgets. In this comprehensive guide, discover why Calabria should be your next holiday destination.

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Shaped like a boot on Italy's southern tip, Calabria's bewitching package of sun-soaked coastlines, mystic mountains and charismatic cities present a holiday destination with boundless possibilities. Discover some of its dazzling jewels right here.


Known as the 'Pearl of Calabria,' Tropea dazzles with its azure beaches, ancient architecture and high-perched historic town; its charm irresistible mostly to couples and history enthusiasts.

Reggio Calabria:

Hosting the awesome National Archaeological Museum, the southernmost tip of the Italian boot, Reggio Calabria, offers culture seekers an unparalleled glimpse of Italy's rich history.


Scilla's split personality wins hearts – a tranquil fishing village upon a monster filled sea, referencing Homer's Odyssey. It's ideal for tranquil escapes and breath-taking scenery.


Providing an impressive blend of old and new, Cosenza attracts those who crave a cosmopolitan holiday, offering both modern shopping centres and medieval appeal through its old town.


Envisage a historic old town, beaches of utter tranquillity and the iconic Tartufo ice-cream; Pizzo is your destination, popular with families and foodies!

Where to Stay

From charming coastal towns to enchanting hillside hideaways, deciding where to stay in Calabria for an unforgettable holiday can be overwhelming. Allow us to guide you.

For a family holiday:

Tropea, with its stunning sandy beaches and family-friendly atmosphere, is perfect for family holidays. The historic town of Cosenza, with its captivating traditional Italian charm, also offers a vast array of family activities.

For a couple’s getaway:

Consider the romantic town of Scilla for a couple's holiday. Offering breath-taking sea views, intimate restaurants and tranquil beach havens, it's the perfect backdrop for a romantic escape.

For a holiday with friends:

Choose the vibrant city of Reggio Calabria for a lively break with friends. Its bustling nightlife, shopping hub, and cultural landmarks will undoubtedly create vivid memories.

When to Visit

Like most Mediterranean destinations, Calabria enjoys warm, sun-filled summers from June to September, making these months the most popular for visits, particularly for beach lovers.

From October to April, the region leans into its mild winter. At this time, temperatures may drop, but remain pleasant, making it a perfect time for exploring the cities and cultural sites without the crowds. For those seeking tranquillity along with a healthy dose of cultural exploration, these cooler months could offer the perfect Calabrian holiday.

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