Capri Holidays

A gem nestling amidst the azure blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island of Capri sparkles with a charm that seductively whispers of a bygone era. Flanked by the rocky allure of the Sorrento Peninsula, its evergreen canvas is embellished with the splendour and grandeur of historic monuments, museums, and unparalleled natural wonders.

If you're dreaming of an adventure where the magnificence of ancient Rome coalesces with the delights of traditional Italian cuisine and the splendour of sun-kissed shores, a holiday in Capri is your answer. With an empire that enriches its terrain, your visit to Capri promises a palette of unforgettable experiences.

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Things to See and Do

On the island of Capri, you'll be plugged into a pulsating network of attractions that seamlessly interweave nature, history, and culture. From the shimmering clarity of blue waters to the timeless stories imprinted in marbled stone, there is a tapestry of brilliance and diversity awaiting exploration.

Vincenzo Capri Boats

Step aboard a classy speedboat with Vincenzo Capri Boats to circumnavigate the epic coastline of Capri, punctuated by sheer cliffs, hidden caves, and azure sea.

Gardens of Augustus

Revel in the panoramic splendour of the Faraglioni from the meticulously manicured Gardens of Augustus or wander through the historic streets of Sorrento Charter Boats.

Roman Villas

Marvel at the archaeological revelations held within the Roman Villas or surrender to the pure, primal beauty of the Blue Grotto.

Destination Essentials

While Capri is a delightful destination year-round, May, September, and October offer the perfect balance of warm weather and smaller crowds, ideal for a family outing. Avoid the heavier crowds and elevated prices during the peak summer months of July and August for a more personal, less hurried exploration of the island's treasures.

Shop for trinkets in local boutiques in March, April, or October when the weather is still pleasant and hotel prices are lower. The tranquility and charm of an off-season Capri, with fewer tourists and more space to explore at leisure, are almost unparalleled, making it a desirable retreat for those seeking both privacy and the allure of this captivating Italian island.


Unwrap the sun-dappled beaches of Capri where the golden sun paints a warm hue on the skin, the azure sea tantalisingly beckons for a splash, and the time stands still in Mediterranean ecstasy.

Marina Piccola

At Marina Piccola, bask in the warm, inviting embrace of the sun, punctuated by thrilling dips in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy a restful siesta on the peaceful sands of Torre Saracena, or surrender to the passive charm of Spiaggia di Cala Grande despite the season's crowd. Let the granules of time slip through your fingers and relax in the serene beauty of this Italian paradise.

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