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Tucked in the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily lies the quaint city of Cefalù, an enticing Italian haven brimming with history, charm, and breathtaking panoramas. With winding streets laden with a fusion of ancient and medieval architecture plus an irresistible seaside allure, Cefalù guarantees to leave you enchanted.

Along with the city's warm Sicilian hospitality, it boasts an impressive lineup of extraordinary attractions. Between a golden swath of sand embracing the crystal-clear sea and a vibrant food scene laden with tantalising Mediterranean flavours, a trip to Cefalù is a remarkable odyssey waiting to unfold.

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Plan your escape to Cefalù between March and November to enhance your experience with favourable weather conditions. The warmest months are July and August, making them the perfect time for sunseekers and beach enthusiasts.

While Cefalù springs into full bloom under the summer sun, spring and autumn are also good times to visit, offering milder temperatures perfect for exploration and sightseeing. January and February can be cooler, whilst the rainiest months are January, February, March, September, and October.

Amongst blue skies, golden beaches, and historical monuments, Cefalù promises a trip filled with charm and beauty awaiting your discovery.


Head to the idyllic setting of Mendolido beach, an untouched paradise engulfed in tranquillity. The crystal-clear water and gentle pebble make for a superb swimming and kayaking spot.

Spiaggia di Mazzaforno

Lose yourself to the mesmerising beauty of Spiaggia di Mazzaforno. The urban setting, mountains backdrop, and crisp waters score high on an avid beachgoer's checklist.

Spiaggia di Settefrati

Find fun and frolic at Spiaggia di Settefrati, another spectacular beach offering a range of seaside activities. The clear turquoise water is ideal for sup-surfing and sea kayaking.

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