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Nestled between Milan and Venice, Lake Garda is Italy's largest and most alluring lake. Beautifully British, its undeniable charm serves as a sanctuary from everyday life - a place of 'safety,' as its Germanic name suggests.

Crowned by the stunning Italian Alps, and home to a wealth of activities, alluring towns and a unique ecosystem, Lake Garda is a veritable jewel in Italy's holiday crown, promising an unforgettable getaway. Whatever you're seeking from a serene vacation, you'll find it here.

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Things to See and Do

From the sleepy olive groves to the grandeur of the Alps, Lake Garda possesses a special charm that will keep every traveller enthralled. This place brims over with historic towns, water sports, vineyards, Roman ruins, and majestic mountains. Here are some highlights that will let you savour the best of Garda.


Food and Drink

Italian cuisine needs no introduction and Garda with its unique climate, embraces this tradition, adding its own local spin. From classic Italian fare to home-grown wines, Garda offers a culinary experience as diverse and delightful as its landscapes.

Destination Essentials

Lake Garda's unique position and topography bless it with a mild climate, making the lake a perfect holiday spot almost all year round. However, certain months can elevate your Garda experience to a whole new level.


Lake Garda may not be seafront, but it boasts some incredibly picturesque beaches - from sandy stretches to serene pebbly spaces. Here are some top recommendations to enjoy a slice of beachside tranquillity.

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