Ischia Holidays

Brimming with rich history, breathtaking views, and a variety of unforgettable experiences, Ischia is the perfect paradise for those wanting a break from the ordinary. This hidden Italian island gem nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea embodies everything a discerning traveller could dream of.

Boasting thermal gardens and alkaline waters, complemented by a diverse marine life and attractive landscapes, a holiday in Ischia offers endless discoveries. From its intriguing ancient settlements to its celebrated wine production, prepare to be charmed by the island's undeniable appeal.

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Things to See and Do

Ischia is your canvas of rediscovery and escape, an island that brims with a charm that is just waiting to be explored. Whether you're an ardent history buff or you simply adore soaking in nature's finest, there is something for everyone in this captivating destination.

Climb the majestic Mount Epomeo

Trek through nature's beauty to the island's highest peak. Known for its incredible views, Mount Epomeo offers a challenge to hikers with its steep inclines but rewards with a stunning vista at the summit.

Soak in the thermal gardens

Experience the rejuvenating powers of Ischia's famed thermal gardens. Frequented since the time of Greeks and Romans, these unique healing spaces host a variety of spa experiences, and are touted to have the finest therapeutic waters.

Delve into Ischia's robust history

Explore the island's rich past through its well-preserved ancient settlements dating back to the Bronze Age and the era of Greek colonization. Traverse the centuries-old paths that have witnessed the island's evolving history.

Appreciate Ischia's vibrant marine life

Engage in a viewing of Ischia's rich marine life, which comprises a diverse roster of whales and dolphins. Whether from a boat tour or from the coastline, the sight is sure to create an unforgettable memory.

Fancy the island's exquisite wines

Relish the taste of Ischia's renowned white wines made from the exclusive Forastera and Biancolella grapes. Visit the vineyards, take in the aromatic fragrance, and savor the locally produced wines.

Food and Drink

As expected from an Italian destination, Ischia flares with gastronomic delights that serve to complete any traveller's immersion experience.

Feast on fresh seafood

Straight from the Tyrrhenian Sea to your plate, indulge in a variety of seafood dishes that are as fresh as they can be. Pair your choice of seafood with a glass of local wine for a truly memorable meal.

Sip on Biancolella wine

Opt for a white wine crafted from Biancolella grapes, distinct to this region. It’s a gastronomic experience well worth your palate!

Nosh on local cheeses

Taste Ischia's cheese selections at the local markets. Savor the locally produced formaggio, a perfect accompaniment to the island's amazing produce and dishes.

Relish authentic Italian pasta

Complete your Italian holiday by indulging in the island's choice of pasta dishes. An integral part of the island's cuisine, the pasta in Ischia is a culinary masterpiece.

Indulge in a sweet surprise

Whether it’s after a meal or as a snack, enjoy some of the island’s delectable desserts. Dive into pastries, cakes, or perhaps some gelato to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Destination Essentials

Planning your holiday to Ischia is essential to making the most of your time on this splendid isle.

The best time to visit Ischia depends on how you prefer your climate. From April through October, you'll find the ideal weather for exploring all the island has to offer. During July, August, and September, the temperature reaches its annual peak, great if you're hoping for a hot Italian summer.

For cooler visits and fewer tourists, consider booking your trip for the months of January, February, March, and November. It's also a great time to explore the island's landscapes without battling heat or crowds. Whether you're after balmy days on the beach, or tranquil walks through historic cities, Ischia awaits.

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