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Jaw-dropping landscapes, exquisite coastal cities, and a rich infusion of history and culture, Liguria, Italy's crescent-shaped region, beautifully nestled between the azure Mediterranean and lush mountains, is a destination that attracts travellers from all walks of life. With easy accessibility from the UK, whether you're looking for a romantic escape, a family beach holiday, an all-inclusive luxury experience, or an adventurous hiking trip, Liguria has it all sorted for you. From exploring Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to roaming the maze-like alleyways of the port city Genoa, and to soaking in the charm of picturesque coastal towns, you're bound to make memories by the minute in Liguria.

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Dotted with splendid beaches, enchanting towns, and breathtaking hiking trails, Liguria has numerous holiday spots that will leave you awestruck, each offering a unique Italian experience. Below we delve into some of these picturesque destinations that deserve your attention.


An enthralling city filled with architectural marvels, cosy restaurants, and a rich maritime history. It's a fantastic place for travellers intrigued by urban locales, history, and world-class gastronomy. Don’t miss the Royal Palace and the Aquarium.

Cinque Terre

This iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site features five candy-coloured villages clutching onto the rugged cliffside, overlooking the Mediterranean. Ideal for romantic escapades or hiking adventures, each village oozes charm, offering mesmerizing views and superb cuisine.


Epitomising the glamorous Italian Riviera, Portofino is a favourite among luxury seekers and yacht-lovers. Its pastel-coloured houses, high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and the breathtaking Castello Brown make it a ritzy must-visit.


Famous for its music festivals and for being a part of the Italian Riviera, Sanremo offers sandy beaches, a stylish casino, exotic gardens, and the old-town charm of La Pigna.


A vibrant city with a rich history, Savona features an imposing fortress, beachfront promenade and a medieval old town filled with quaint shops and traditional pizzerias.

Where to Stay

Whether you're holidaying with family, your partner, or your closest pals, Liguria has a plethora of towns and cities that are ideal for your stay. Below, we guide you through what each location can offer to make your Italian getaway extraordinary.

For a family holiday

Genoa, with a plethora of family-friendly activities like Europe’s largest aquarium, enticing historical museums, and interactive science and technology centre, makes for a memorable city-based family trip. Beach lovers should head to Finale Ligure or Alassio, known for their sandy beaches and calm waters.

For a couples holiday

For lovebirds, the quaint villages of Cinque Terre make for a magical and intimate getaway while Portofino oozes luxury and romance, ideal for a ritzy couple's retreat. Don't miss out on watching a romantic sunset from Castello Brown.

For a holiday with friends

Savona, with its bustling nightlife, historic sites, and beautiful beaches, is a great location for a friends' holiday. If your gang craves water sports or outdoor adventure, then Sestri Levante and Levanto with their fantastic hiking, surfing and holiday vibe are the perfect bet.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Liguria is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September and October) when pleasant weather favours outdoor activities and sightseeing. Trail enthusiasts should note that Cinque Terre's hiking paths are generally open during these periods. Summer (July and August), though crowded, remains popular due to balmy weather, perfect for beach days. The quieter off-season allows a more peaceful exploration, despite lower temperatures and occasional rains. So, whether you're a sun-worshipper, a hiking aficionado, or a culture enthusiast, Liguria awaits you with its multi-faceted charm.

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