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From the serenity of its ancient city walls to the vibrancy of its open-air concerts, Lucca in Tuscany, Italy, offers an enticing mix attracting couples, friends, and entire families alike. It's famed for its beautifully preserved city walls that date from the Renaissance era, its passion for music celebrated annually at the Summer Festival and its picturesque setting perfect for those romantic strolls or family picnic outings. Regardless of your budget, there's an abundance of affordable lodgings, not to mention the host of historical sites and unique dining experiences that make Lucca a must-visit destination.

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From exquisite plazas, captivating towers to its famous city walls, Lucca's beauty lies in its mix of sites and attractions that inspire awe and fulfilment in every visitor. Let's dive into a few of the destinations that make Lucca the journey of a lifetime.

Piazza Anfiteatro

Nestled in the heart of Lucca, Piazza Anfiteatro is a charming square that brings history to life. The circular-shaped structure derives its elegant design from an ancient Roman amphitheatre, boasting unique architecture and lively eateries that make it an exciting destination for leisure seekers and history buffs alike.

Torre Guinigi

A sensation for sightseers, the Torre Guinigi offers panoramic views across Lucca's red rooftops and picturesque Tuscan landscapes. Climbing this tower is a thrill in itself, but reaching the top to uncover a serene garden is truly an experience to remember.

City Walls

Lucca's city walls provide a refreshing escape into nature. They offer a serene walking and cycling path for visitors, all while adorned with various kinds of trees that brighten the route. This well-preserved site symbolises an aesthetic charm unique to Lucca and easily entices individuals and families alike.

Villa Reale

If the combination of luxurious architecture and serene gardens pique your interest, Villa Reale is the spot for you. It offers opulent interiors meticulously decorated with art pieces and a surrounding landscape that soothes the senses, making it a perfect destination for romance and relaxation.

Serchio River

A hallmark of Lucca’s beautiful natural allure, the Serchio River beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its serene cycling paths, picturesque landscape and lovely picnic spots. This river represents a wonderful harmony between manmade allure and natural beauty that truly reflects Lucca's charm.

Where to Stay

Whether you're searching for romantic hideouts, family-friendly inns or ideal spots for holidaying with friends, Lucca offers a wealth of accommodation options to cater to every need and budget. Enjoy your sojourn amidst its historical heart or tranquil outskirts; Lucca boasts diverse offerings to ensure your stay is unforgettable.

For a family holiday

If you're planning a family holiday, central Lucca provides an array of family-friendly hotels close to the city walls and pedestrianised streets. Alternatively, consider a serene escape to the outskirts amidst the Tuscan countryside, where private villas offer a blend of comfort and freedom for families, surrounded by tranquil greenery.

For a couples holiday

Romantic escapades are splendid within the historical quarter of Lucca, where luxurious boutique hotels merge comfort and history, offering picturesque views of the city and private services for inner-city romantic experiences.

For a holiday with friends

For group travels, Lucca’s central regions offer accommodations with plenty of capacity. Choose a budget-friendly hostel for a cost-effective trip or splurge on a century-old villa converted into a modern stay with ample space for a memorable holiday.

When to Visit

Lucca maintains a Mediterranean climate, therefore, it's welcoming throughout the year. However, the most favourable time to visit is during the spring (April to June) when the climate is usually mild, and the countryside sparks to life.

The summer season (July to August) can become quite hot, yet it's the time when the city comes alive with the annual Lucca Summer Festival celebrating music. For those seeking less crowded times, early autumn (September to October) provides warm weather, fewer tourists and the opportunity to witness the autumnal transformation of the Tuscany landscapes.

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