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Matera is the very cornerstone of a tale where history, culture, and scenery seamlessly intertwine. Nestled in Italy's enigmatic Basilicata region, this age-old city, incessantly inhabited since the Paleolithic era, presents a captivating labyrinth of ancient cave dwellings and weathered stone facades.

Brace yourself for an astonishing trip through time as you traverse Matera's winding alleys and cobblestone stairs, exploring the city's UNESCO-listed Sassi, marvel at rupestrian churches etched into calcarenite rock, and stand underneath the awe-inspiring vaulted ceilings of deep water cisterns. Welcome to a mesmerising tale of Matera.

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Things to See and Do

Matera unveils an intriguing blend of unique history and breathtaking landscapes. Let your senses experience the essence of the city's past as you encounter cultural treasures, ancient subterranean dwellings and majestic natural parks. Here's our top pick of must-visit spots in the 'European Capital of Culture' for 2019.

Immerse in the Sassi di Matera

Explore the historical core of Matera, the Sassi, a fascinating prehistoric settlement scooped out of the city's twin cliff sides. Meandering paths will guide you through layers of history where intricate networks of courtyards and stairways stitch together ancient and modern life.

Experience life at Casa Grotta nei Sassi di Matera

Venture into a typical cave dwelling, located in Vico Solitario near the Church of San Pietro Caveoso. This unique spot offers a chance to glimpse into the past, showcasing traditional Materan furniture and tools that enriches your understanding of the Sassi inhabitants' customs.

Step into history at Casa Noha

Don't miss out on Casa Noha near the cathedral - an architectural gem that provides an immersive multimedia journey, whisking you through Matera's historic transformation. Its bookshop, refreshment room and thematic itineraries only add to the rich experience.

Escape to the Murgia National Park

The stark beauty of the Murgia National Park, symbolised by the lesser kestrel, offers a soothing retreat from the city. Admire the stunning views of the Matera canyon, discover the Paleolithic cave dwellings and keep an eye out for fascinating bird life in this natural haven.

Explore the Colle di Timmari

A short ride away from Matera, the lush green plateau of Colle di Timmari is waiting for your discovery. Abundant with archaeological treasures and bathed in serenity, it's the perfect setting for a leisurely picnic or a refreshing hike.

Destination Essentials

Matera delights its visitors throughout the year with its deeply cultural climate and mesmerising beauty. However, to enjoy its eternal charm with the buttery sunshine embellishing its frescoed facades, plan your visit between April to November.

Summers, especially July and August, come with a higher tourist influx. Weather-wise, they are the warmest months, but also ideal to explore Matera's beautiful beaches. Alternatively, spring (April, May) and autumn (October) offer delightful weather, fewer crowds and, of course, the unmatched charisma of Matera accentuated by mellow sunlight.

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