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Enchanting Naples, the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city in Italy, offers an infinite treasure trove of historical, cultural, and culinary delights. With ancient roots extending back to the first millennium BC, Naples has seen millenniums of invasions, empires, and cultures pass through its enduring streets.

Basking in the glory of its rich history, the city's grand squares, opulent palaces, and age-old streets echo the tales of its glowing past. Between its UNESCO World Heritage city centre, the world's best pizza, and an exhilarating mix of chaos, charm, and sophistication, Naples serves up a sumptuous slice of authentic Italy.

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Things to See and Do

Naples, a city brimming with vitality and individuality, offers a diverse array of museums, ruins, and wonders that reflect its enduring legacy. From archaeological gems to modern marvels, each attraction infuses you with the essence of Neapolitan vivacity.

Naples National Archaeological Museum

Explore the secrets of Pompeii at Naples National Archaeological Museum, brimming with ancient marvels.

Catacombs of San Gennaro

Sink into the mysteries of past civilizations at the Catacombs of San Gennaro, an underground network showcasing early Christian art and inscriptions.

Sansevero Chapel Museum

Be awestruck by the transcendent beauty at the Sansevero Chapel Museum, home to some of the most celebrated sculptures in the world.

Food and Drink

Savour a spectrum of tastes that are as diverse and exciting as the city itself in Naples. Each bite captures the essence of the city's rich heritage, cultural influences, and local produce.

Experience authentic Neapolitan Pizza

The birthplace of pizza, Naples' pizzerias offer the world-renowned dish with authentic flair, from the delicately charred crust to heaven-sent mozzarella topping.

Savour Seafood in Naples' Trattorias

Experience authentic Neapolitan sea food in one of the old town trattorias, where chefs whip up dishes with daily seafood hauls from the bustling fish market.

Destination Essentials

The best time to enjoy everything Naples has to offer is in Spring and Autumn. May, in particular, is a top choice for mild weather and vibrant cultural events. The seasons bring perfect weather for sightseeing, dining al fresco, and exploring the lesser-known corners of this historic city.

However, travellers wishing to explore the Amalfi Coast, the beautiful islands, or simply toasting to the Italian sun on the beach should consider visiting between April, June, and October. Winter also has its charm with mild temperatures, sunny days, and fewer tourists, albeit with occasional showers.

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