Positano Holidays

Occupying a charmed spot along the dreamy Amalfi Coast in Italy, Positano is a sun-drenched haven guaranteed to win hearts. Known for its steeply-stacked houses splashed with a palette of sun-bleached pinks, peaches, and terracottas, this enchanting resort effortlessly mingles history with coastal bliss.

Dotted with bustling clothing stores and aromatic eateries, enveloped in the fragrance of lemon groves, Positano undeniably captures the heart of the Mediterranean essence. Put succinctly, a trip here amalgamates sun, sand, sea, and suavity, making it a surefire contender for your next dream holiday.

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Things to See and Do

Whether your idea of holiday perfection involves immersing yourself in ancient heritage, savouring remarkable vistas, or simply surveying the town at a relaxed pace, Positano has a throng of attractions to fulfil your wanderlust. Allow us to guide you through the fascinating explorations that await in this little slice of Italian paradise.

Montepertuso Il Buco

Fall for the tranquillity of Montepertuso Il Buco: This natural spectacle on the Amalfi Coast rewards visitors with an unusual mountain charm, accompanied by soul-stirring views. Have your camera ready and meander the nearby attractions, such as the serene Spiaggia Del Fornillo and the historic Chisea Di Santa Maria Assunta E Cripta Medeivale.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

Experience serenity at Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta: This vibrant church, famous for its colourful majolica-tiled dome, is an icon of Positano. A popular wedding venue, it houses a 13th-century Byzantine Black Madonna and Child, and offers enchanting views from the front piazza.

MAR Positano

Delve into Positano's past at the MAR Positano: The Roman Archaeological Museum is a subterranean complex showcasing archaeological finds from ancient villas unearthed within Positano. History buffs will be captivated by this fascinating exploration.

Boutique Di Moda Positano

Indulge in retail therapy at Boutique Di Moda Positano: The resort town is renowned for vibrant "peasant" dresses, wide-brimmed straw hats, and leather sandals, all available in abundance at Boutique Di Moda.

A.S.D. San Vito Positano 1956

Visit A.S.D. San Vito Positano 1956: Football enthusiasts won't want to miss a visit to the home of Positano's football club, offering a unique chance to immerse into the town's sporty spirit.

Destination Essentials

To savour the best of Positano, the spring months of May through June and early autumn are recommended. With fewer tourists and the majority of businesses beginning their seasons, these times offer a perfect balance of warm weather and less crowded streets.

The summer months from June through August are the most popular and the busiest, with the most tourists and higher prices. If you don’t mind the crowds and wish to truly soak up the Italian sun, this period offers a bustling vibe. Do be prepared for at least one day of rain regardless of when you visit, but don’t let that dampen your spirits - there's plenty to enjoy in Positano.

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