Italy Beach Holidays

Envisage sun-soaked stretches of golden sand, azure skies reflected in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean: Italy offers an array of idyllic settings for your beach holiday. A nation teeming with dramatic coastlines, it's kissed by five seas creating a haven for every type of holidaymaker, from couples seeking romantic escapades to families and group of friends yearning for their slice of paradise.

Exceptional terrains of ligurian cliffs to the powder-soft sands of Sardinia, or the black sands of Sicilian coastlines, Italy’s beaches provide more than just a stunning background. They’re a gateway to the country's renowned la dolce vita – a sweet life filled with sumptuous food, fine wines and an authentic, relaxed lifestyle. A walk to an Italian beach is an invitation to embrace life at a slower, more leisurely pace, saturated in late golden sunsets and shimmering waters.

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