Verona Holidays

Brimming with artistry, history, and romance, Verona dutifully stands as a testament to Italy’s past glories and present charm. Birthplace of Renaissance luminaries, theatre of Shakespearean tragedies and home to some of the best-preserved Roman architectures, Verona is more than just a refuge for the culture and history enthusiasts, it’s a city that unites the past with the present in a beautiful symphony of timeless appeal.

This Italian gem on the Adige River combines charm, history, and irresistible Italian cuisine into an irresistible package. Read on to explore the city of Romeo and Juliet, uncover its hidden treasures and see why Verona is the destination that should be next on your list.

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Things to See and Do

No visit to the charming city of Verona would be complete without experiencing its abundance of historical sites, breath-taking views and vibrant atmosphere. Stunning architectures, lively squares and serene spots claimed by artistic heritages embody the essence of Verona. Here's a glimpse of what this enchanting city has in store.

Discover the vibrant Piazza delle Erbe

Unearth centuries of history at Verona's ancient Roman forum, the Piazza delle Erbe. Stroll below street level to uncover the remains of historic buildings, explore the lively market or gaze upon city landmarks such as the Lion sculpture and Lamberti Tower. It makes for a perfect spot to enjoy a scenic aperitif after exploring the city.

Ascend the Torre dei Lamberti

Climb the Torre dei Lamberti, Verona's towering beacon that offers a 360° panoramic view of the city. Whether you opt for the staircase or the elevator, the sweeping cityscape at the top will make every step worth it.

Visit the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare

Step into history at the Romanesque Verona Cathedral, housing numerous chapels and boasting a stunning façade. Take a moment to appreciate the red Verona marble interiors and the Gothic arcades. Perhaps you might also wish to uncover the heritage preserved within the world's oldest library in continuous function housed here.

Roam around the city of Romeo and Juliet

Feel like a character in a Shakespearean play as you wander the same streets he wrote about. Do not miss the legendary Juliet’s House with its famous balcony and statue, believed to bring luck to those who touch it.

Attend an opera at Verona Arena

Experience the timeless allure of the Roman amphitheatre, the third largest in Italy, which hosts annual opera season and concerts from world renowned artists to this day. The breath-taking architecture and electric atmosphere are certain to leave you awe-struck.

Destination Essentials

Romeo and Juliet’s city is a delight in every season. But if you desire pleasant weather teamed with smaller crowds, fall is the perfect time to visit Verona. It graces you with comfortable temperatures, lower tourist numbers and the opportunity to partake in grape harvesting actions due to its proximity to the Valpolicella region.

For those who love the great outdoors, summer offers plenty of opportunities for bike tours and trips to the Dolomiťs. Conversely, winter in Verona is adorned with ski resorts and charming Christmas markets, turning the city into a cosy snowy retreat. However, if you are in for sightseeing, spring brings the Festival of Beauty in Art and Culture, combining perfect weather with mesmerising events. In Verona, each season boasts its unique appeal, promising a memorable Italian holiday.

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