Jamaica Holidays

Drum up your dreams of a Caribbean holiday as you picture this; Jamaica, a paradise island boasting the very thing you crave - soothing sun, sublime sea, gleaming sand and a touch of the wild. Famous worldwide as the birthplace of reggae music it's where action meets relaxation and your getaway becomes an experience of a lifetime.

From embracing the vibes of Bob Marley’s music, taking a romantic stroll under the picturesque sunset on a sandy beach, to splashing around with the children at a waterpark, Jamaica caters to couples, families and friends. Your budget, whatever it might be, extends from all-inclusive luxury resorts, to cosy private villas and affordable holiday rental homes. It's time for you to relax by day and rev up the nights with spicy jerk cuisine and rhythms of reggae.


Whether you're heading to Jamaica for the first time or simply seeking to uncover more gems, expect to be transported into a world where crystal clear waters caress white sandy beaches, mountains and rainforests stand tall and stately, and a vibrant culture takes centre stage.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a vivacious resort area known for its romantic Dunn's River Falls, a beloved location for snapshots and diving into cool lagoons. Visitors frequent Dolphin Cove as well, where they get the opportunity to swim with dolphins and stingrays.

Montego Bay

A hotspot for beach parties, Montego Bay flaunts the Hip Strip, brimming with shops, restaurants, clubs and the beloved Doctor’s Cave Beach. Take a tour of the Rose Hall Great House and delve into the folklore of the 'White Witch of Jamaica.'


Negril's promise is enchanting sunsets and adrenaline. View the spectacle of fearless cliff divers along the cliffs of Rick's Cafe or dare to make the jump yourself. Its Seven Mile Beach features crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Port Antonio

For those seeking a laid-back, authentic experience, Port Antonio is it. Embrace pristine beaches such as the Frenchman’s Cove, or journey to the Blue Lagoon, known for cool, deep mineral springs.


The heartbeat of Jamaica, Kingston thrives with a mash-up of music, culture and history. Marvel at the collage of colonial architecture and visit the Bob Marley Museum, Trench Town Culture Yard and the historic Port Royal.

Where to Stay

From family-friendly resorts in Montego Bay to boutique hotels in Ocho Rios, secluded hideaways in Port Antonio to the active Spanish Town, here are some of the best Jamaican spots for all types of travelling minded.

For a family holiday

Jamaica offers plenty to keep kids and adults engaged. Try the family-friendly Montego Bay, with a plethora of activities and all-inclusive resorts that cater both kids and adults. Negril, with its calm waters, is an excellent beach venue as well.

For a couples holiday

For couples searching for a seaside retreat, property villas in Ocho Rios or a luxurious resort in Montego Bay could be worth considering. For the more adventurous, Port Antonio serves an idyllic, less tourist-filled setting.

For a holiday with friends

Kingston, brimming with vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions, can make for a memorable group trip. Alternatively, try Negril for an exciting mix of beach life, sporty activities and nightlife, or Montego Bay for a joint adventure-filled and relaxing holiday.

When to Visit

While Jamaica's tropical climate typically boasts sunshine all year round, the island is particularly perfect to explore between December and April. With scarcely any rainfall and bountiful golden rays, this period is ideal for sun-seekers.

However, to experience Jamaica without the high touristic activity and inflated prices of the high season, visiting between May and November might be a savvy choice. While this time aligns with the island’s hurricane season, storms are rare, and rainfall usually takes the form of mild, quick showers.

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