Kuala Lumpur Holidays

Immerse yourself in the vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity that is Kuala Lumpur. A city where skyscrapers coexist alongside British colonial buildings, it is a bubbling, bustling melting pot of diverse Asian cultures just waiting to be discovered.

With its endless attractions from majestic architecture, sprawling parks, bustling markets, and tantalising food trails, Kuala Lumpur offers an unrivalled experience that is sure to cater to every taste. Whether you’re seeking adventure, heritage, culinary delights or retail therapy, you’re in the right place.

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Things to See and Do

Kuala Lumpur is a city tugging at the heartstrings of history and modernity. From the towering Petronas Twin Towers to the charming old city, your experiences here are as diverse as its cultural mixture. Browse our top picks of the city's must-visit locations.

Find inspiration at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Engage with Kuala Lumpur’s rich history at the City Gallery, housed in a quaint colonial building in Merdeka Square. Witness the past meeting the present as you explore the miniaturised city model, take photographs with historical panoramas, or observe experts crafting exquisite gifts in the ARCH workshop.

Uncover ocean wonders at Aquaria KLCC

Delve beneath the surface at this sprawling aquarium as you witness the beautiful marine life in Malaysia's longest underwater tunnel. From sand tiger sharks to green sea turtles, this is an incredible journey of conservation and education. Make sure to book your tickets in advance!

Walk through history at Merdeka Square

Discover the heart of this diverse city at Merdeka Square. Here, against the backdrop of the Asian-European fused Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the first Malaysian flag was raised, symbolising the nation's independence. Stroll around the square, visit St. Mary's Church and take a selfie next to the 95-metre flagpole.

Please your palate at Lot 10 Hutong Food Court

Experience a culinary journey that is a testament to Malaysia’s rich, multi-cultural heritage. Lot 10 Hutong Food Court, located in the shopping district of Bukit Bintang, is the place to savour time-honoured recipes handed down through the generations from some of the best hawkers in the country.

Shop till you drop at the Golden Triangle

Revel in retail in the high-powered shopping hotspot that is the Golden Triangle. Spanning several districts, including Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Chow Kit, the Golden Triangle boasts everything from designer stores to home-grown boutiques.

Destination Essentials

The radiant warmth and vibrancy of Kuala Lumpur can be enjoyed year-round. However, to make the most of your visit, consider planning your trip from May to July or December to February. With the weather being pleasant and humidity low, it's the perfect time for outdoor exploration and beach escapes.

Expect a tropical climate, with temperatures hovering around 27-28°C. For those seeking colder climes, December offers an enticing blend of festive celebrations and cool weather. However, do keep in mind the monsoon seasons, with eastern monsoons from October to January and western monsoons from March to April. Despite the rain, Kuala Lumpur remains a city full of life, ready to greet its visitors.

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