Mexico Holidays

Offering a fantastic fusion of vibrant cities, rich history, mouth-watering cuisine, and idyllic beaches, Mexico remains an unavoidable allure for UK holiday travellers of all stripes. Whether you're planning a romantic escape, a family adventure, or an unforgettable trip with friends, Mexico serves up an unending menu of sunny getaways, unique cultural experiences, and sweeping landscapes that would make your jaw drop in awe. With something to offer for every budget and taste, covering everything from all-inclusive beach holidays in Cancun to energetic city breaks in Mexico City, it is sure to keep you coming back for more.


From iconic beaches to buzzing ancient ruins, Mexico is home to a vast range of exquisite destinations that leave every holidaymaker spoilt for choice. In this sun-kissed paradise, you'll find everything from bustling metropolises to tranquil coastal towns.

Mexico City

The heartbeat of Mexico, this sprawling metropolis offers culture vultures a multitude of museums, architectural wonders, and the captivating remnants of ancient civilisations. From the historical landmarks at the Zocalo Square to the modern chic neighbourhoods of Polanco and Condesa, Mexico City has something engaging for everyone.


Synonymous with sun, sand, and sea, Cancun's pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters make it a haven for beach bums. It is also home to a vast array of exquisite resorts offering everything from tranquil family holidays to vibrant party scenes.


Tulum offers a fascinating blend of history and beaches. With its awe-inspiring Mayan ruins perched atop sea cliffs and the captivating beauty of its pristine beaches, Tulum is the perfect getaway for the history buffs and beachgoers alike.


Mexico's second-largest city, Guadalajara teems with traditional Mexican culture. Famous for tequila, mariachi, and charreadas (Mexican rodeos), it is the ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the authentic Mexican way of life.

San Miguel de Allende

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is a colonial era city famed for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque architecture and thriving arts scene. With its photogenic streets lined with vibrant buildings, this city is a must-visit for art and architecture lovers.

Where to Stay

Whether you're searching for a lavish beachfront property, a historic boutique hotel, or a budget-friendly hostel, Mexico boasts a plethora of exquisite accommodations. From the city lights of Mexico City to the tranquil beaches of Tulum, read on to discover the best places to stay in Mexico.

For a family holiday

Cancun and its neighbouring Playa Del Carmen are superb choices for a family holiday. Both areas offer a plethora of family-friendly resorts and attractions, such as eco-archaeological parks and beautiful beaches to keep everyone entertained.

For a couples holiday

Couples seeking a romantic getaway will love the charm and seclusion offered in San Miguel de Allende, home to beautiful boutique hotels and picturesque architecture. Tulum, with its beautiful beaches and luxurious wellness retreats, is another ideal spot for couples.

For a holiday with friends

For those planning a holiday with a group of mates, nothing beats the vibrant atmosphere of Mexico City. Packed with lively bars, delectable food joints, and a thriving arts scene, it guarantees an unforgettable trip. Another great option is Puerto Vallarta. Not only does it serve up some of Mexico's best beaches, but it also boasts an electric nightlife scene.

When to Visit

Though Mexico is a year-round destination, the best time to visit depends largely on your interests and the region you’re visiting. Generally, the dry season between December to April offers excellent weather and is perfect for sunny beach holidays and exploring historical sites. However, keep in mind this period also sees larger crowds and higher prices.

The off-peak season, from May to November, often sees less visitors along with the occasional rain shower. For those who don't mind the odd downpour, you can benefit from off-peak rates and fewer tourists, making it an ideal time to explore Mexico at your own pace.