Moldova Holidays

Nestled in the heart of Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, lies charming Moldova, a lesser-known European gem that promises an array of unforgettable experiences. Moldova, an enchanting place of picturesque landscapes, verdant vineyards, and historic monasteries, is a delight for travellers seeking something a little unusual, yet still distinctly European. From intimate couples getaways, fun family holidays to exciting trips with friends, Moldova caters to all tastes. It offers a mix of cultural getaways, wine-themed breaks, and serene country escapes that fall within a surprisingly affordable price range. Whether you're planning to delve into the history of the capital Chișinău, sample some of the world's finest wines, or simply savor the peace of the countryside, there’s something for everyone in Moldova.


From fascinating historic towns to thriving wineries and tranquil rural escapes, Moldova houses some truly impressive holiday destinations. Get ready to uncover the allure of Eastern Europe through our selection of Moldova's must-visit locations.


Chișinău, Moldova’s welcoming capital, teems with parks, museums, and fabulous eateries that dish out delicious local cuisine. With its vibrant nightlife, it's a great spot for friends seeking adventure in a new city.

Orheiul Vechi

For history enthusiasts and tranquil seekers, Orheiul Vechi, with its ancient cave monasteries and stunning landscapes, offers a unique journey into Moldova's past.


Step into a time capsule in Transnistria, a self-proclaimed Soviet republic. Its intriguing political status and unique history make it an interesting destination for those seeking an offbeat experience.


Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria, is a fascinating mix of Soviet architecture and modern cityscapes, offering an alternative perspective of Moldovan life.

Purcari Winery

Considered the birthplace of Moldova’s wine-making, the Purcari Winery is a must-visit for all wine connoisseurs. Here you can relax amidst lush vineyards and sample some of Europe's finest wines.

Where to Stay

From cultural hotspots to peaceful rural retreats, we've handpicked some of the best places to stay in Moldova that cater to every traveller’s style and mode of vacation.

For a family holiday in Chișinău

The bustling city of Chișinău provides endless entertainment for families. The city’s parks and museums provide interactive experiences for kids, while parents can enjoy the rich history and impressive architecture.

For a couples holiday in Orheiul Vechi

Couples seeking a romantic getaway should consider a stay in Orheiul Vechi. The region offers the perfect setting for serene walks and intimate winery tours.

For a holiday with friends in Chișinău

For groups of friends looking for vibrant nights out and diverse cultural experiences, Chișinău, with its lively nightlife scene and engaging museums, is an excellent base.

When to Visit

Moldova's climate features warm summers and frosty winters, making the most delightful time to visit from May to September. During these months, you can soak up the sun comfortably, making it perfect for cycle tours and vineyard visitations.

If experiencing Moldova’s renowned wine festival, ‘National Wine Day’, ranks high on your bucket list, plan for an October visit. Just be prepared for slightly cooler temperatures and pack accordingly. Lower travel costs and fewer crowds during winter months make it an attractive time for budget-conscious travellers. However, you should prepare for cold temperatures and less daylight hours.

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