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Tucked away in the sapphire waters of the Adriatic Sea is an alluring jewel waiting to be discovered: the captivating town of Kotor, Montenegro. With an intriguing history that spans the ages, this charming coastal town is chock-full of fascinating relics of the past and beckoning, azure beaches.

Swathed by age-old fortifications and a beguiling old Mediterranean port, Kotor is a spectacular confluence of nature, history and stunning architectural sights. Nestled at the mouth of Europe’s southernmost fjord, Kotor's mesmerising beauty and rich cultural tapestry are a magnetic lure for curious travellers.

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Things to See and Do

Step into Kotor's heart and soul and you'll be swept away in a whirl of medieval nuances, architectural masterpieces, and stunning vistas. Kotor is a visual treat for those willing to surrender to its charm. Here's our pick of the town's most unforgettable attractions.

Roam through Stari Grad

Immerse yourself in an enchanting postcard from the past as you wander through the narrow, cobbled lanes of the old town, Stari Grad. With ancient walls, picturesque piazzas, and stunning architectural marvels like the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, it’s a spellbinding historical journey.

Trek to Kotor Fortress

Embark on an uphill trek to the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Kotor's fortress. The fortifications offer a captivating glance into diverse historical epochs from the Byzantine period to the rule of Venice and Austria.

Discover Maritime History

Soaked in maritime history, Kotor's Maritime Museum, housed in a beautifully restored Baroque palace, showcases the town’s seafaring past. From Montenegrin maritime affairs to World Wars, it’s a thrilling ride through time.

Relax at Cats' Square

Whether you're a cat lover or not, a visit to the Cats' Square – home to numerous feline denizens – adds an adorable twist to your sightseeing. Relishable café treats and fascinating tales of Kotor's cat-filled history await you here.

Catch a breather at Kampana Tower

While information about Kampana Tower may be scant, it still holds its own as a mesmerising landmark and a key part of Kotor Fortress. It’s certain to add a dose of poetry to your panoramic shots of Kotor.

Food and Drink

Dive into Montenegro's culinary capital and treat your palate to an enchanting odyssey. Kotor's culinary landscape is a sumptuous tapestry of fresh seafood, tantalising local dishes and Montenegrin wines.

Devour Fresh Seafood

Kotor's ocean-fresh seafood is an unmissable treat. Whether it’s a hearty fish stew or grilled catch-of-the-day, savour the flavours of the Adriatic at restaurants lining the marina.

Sample local delights

Embrace the local Montenegrin cuisine with hearty dishes like Njeguška njeguški pršut (smoked ham) or kacamak (a traditional dish of mashed potatoes with sheep's cheese), best enjoyed at rustic taverns in the old town.

Sip Vranac Wine

Accentuate your meals with a glass of Vranac, Montenegro’s flagship red wine. Visit local wine shops or bars for a rich tasting experience.

Try Pasticada and Polenta

Enjoy pasticada, a slow-cooked beef stew with a special sauce, served with polenta. This traditional dish is a delightful symphony of flavours!

Indulge in Burek

End your culinary adventure with a flaky, savoury pastry delight called burek. Filled with cheese or meat, it's the perfect comfort food after a day of exploration.

Destination Essentials

Late spring to early autumn (April to September) is the best time to visit Kotor, when it’s bathed in warm, Mediterranean sunshine. These months showcase Kotor's natural charm, with bustling beaches and vibrant nightlife.

June and September are ideally suited for those seeking a balance between pleasantly warm weather and a more relaxed, less crowded ambience. Moreover, these months are apt for those interested in outdoor activities, hiking, or exploring the famous fortress. Alternatively, November offers a quieter scene with some of the lowest hotel and rental rates for budget-minded travellers.

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