Montserrat Holidays

Montserrat, dubbed the 'Emerald Isle of the Caribbean', is an island steeped in fascinating history, vibrant culture, and blessed with natural beauty. This British Overseas Territory is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique holiday, whether they're a family, a group of friends, or a romantic couple.

Known for its dramatic landscape dominated by an active volcano, azure coastlines and vast greenery, Montserrat offers a tranquil yet exotic getaway. This tropical paradise caters to various budgets, from luxury villas to laid-back beachside lodges. Epitomising the Caribbean's enchanted allure, Montserrat teems with a rich tapestry of activities from marine adventures, hiking trails, bird watching to calypso music events, preserving the island's Irish heritage.


With its lush rainforests, alluring beachsides and warm-hearted communities, Montserrat unfolds varied holiday experiences that never fail to charm its visitors. Here, we take you through some of the island’s must-see spots, from the safe zone of Little Bay to the peaceful village of Old Towne.

Little Bay

This bustling harbour is home to the island's modern capital and is an ideal place to enjoy various water sports activities, local cuisine, and vibrant nightlife that will rejuvenate your holiday spirit.

Old Towne

Old Towne, a tranquil spot blessed with breath-taking views, is a must for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Its well-preserved architecture speaks volumes about the island's past.

Woodlands Bay

As Montserrat's largest beach, Woodland Bay offers a perfect escape for beach lovers with its pristine, quiet sands and excellent snorkelling opportunities.


Known as the island's modern-day Pompeii, a visit to the abandoned town of Plymouth offers a poignant reminder of nature's formidable power but is a true spectacle nevertheless.

Soufrière Hills Volcano

The active Soufrière Hills Volcano is Montserrat's most dramatic attraction. Several hiking trails and observation points give visitors a unique opportunity to witness nature's raw power.

Where to Stay

From charming beachside lodges to lavish villas overlooking the mighty mountains, choosing the right place to stay in Montserrat will enhance your holiday experience. Here, we explore the best picks for families, couples, and fraternities.

For a family holiday

Consider stationing yourselves in Little Bay, a bustling hub where families can enjoy various water sports, local cuisine, markets and seaside strolls. Its modern amenities promise a convenient stay for the whole family.

For a couples holiday

Cottages tucked away in the verdant region of Old Towne provide the perfect setting for a romantic retreat. The tranquil atmosphere, coupled with stunning sea views, assures an unforgettable escape for couples.

For a holiday with friends

Woodlands beach is a great choice for a group of friends. Beachside lodgings offer the best in casual, laid-back holiday living, with plenty of opportunities for water sporting activities and beach fires under the starry Caribbean sky.

When to Visit

Montserrat enjoys a tropical climate, making it a good year-round destination. However, to maximise your experience, visit during the dryer months of February to April when the island is less crowded, and you can enjoy outdoor activities under clear, sunny skies.

Bear in mind, the island's hurricane season runs from June to November. Although it's a low season with fewer tourists, unexpected showers might restrict outdoor explorations. The choice of when to visit will largely depend on your preferred holiday activities and considerations for the weather.

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