Marrakesh Holidays

A cornucopia of radiant colours, a sensory overload of vibrant sights and aromatic smells, and a rich blend of old-world charms amidst modern urban life, Marrakesh is a dream destination like no other. Steeped in history and brimming with a dynamic energy, it is a city that indulges every adventure-craving soul, celebrates every history-buff, and enchants those seeking a cultural immersion.

Proudly standing as Morocco's shining star, this city embraces its visitors with its famed "Red City" charms, glorious palaces, buzzing squares, bustling souks, and captivating landscapes. Welcome to Marrakesh, a place where every holiday maker's dreams come to life.

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Things to See and Do

The magic of Marrakesh unfolds through its riveting blend of iconic landmarks, historical significance, and unparalleled beauty. From strolling through palaces that narrate fabled tales, to losing oneself in the enchanting lanes of a living historical city, every moment spent in Marrakesh reveals a new facet of its mesmerising allure.

Immerse in the grandeur of Bahia Palace

An embodiment of the grand lifestyle of the 19th-century vizirs, the enchanting Bahia Palace is a must-visit for its stunning stuccos, intricate paintings, and detailed mosaic work. The experience of walking through the palace rooms opening onto beautiful courtyards is nothing short of magical.

Uncover the secrets of the Medina of Marrakesh

Steeped in history and enriched with awe-inspiring monuments and architectural treasures, the UNESCO World Heritage Medina of Marrakesh promises a thrilling cultural experience. Navigate the maze-like lanes, explore the traditional souks, and unwind at the animated Jemaa El Fna Square.

Delve into the tropical paradise of Jardin Majorelle

A visit to the Jardin Majorelle takes you on a journey of artist Jacques Majorelle's passionate creation. Wander amidst a myriad of exotic flora and fauna, experience the serene Cubist villa, and witness the rich representation of Berber culture at the Berber Museum.

Lose yourself in the mirth at Jemaa el-Fnaa Square

At Jemaa el-Fnaa, the heart of the city, every evening transforms into a vibrant spectacle of music, dancing, and street-acts. Taste exotic Moroccan delicacies, marvel at snake charmers, or simply soak in the unmatched lively atmosphere of this bustling open-air theatre.

Admire the city's heritage at Saadian Tombs

Unearthed in 1917, the grand Saadian Tombs are a silent testament to the glory of the Saadian dynasty. Walk amongst intricately decorated tombs and experience the tranquillity that prevails amidst the ornate splendour.

Destination Essentials

Capturing the exotic allure of Marrakesh is best done during its shoulder seasons of March to May and September to October. During these periods, the city is bathed in balmy temperatures that perfectly enhance its ochre hues, and lush gardens blossom into a riot of colours.

The quieter winter months offer an opportunity for romantics to cosy up in the traditional riads or for adventurers to ski the snow-capped Atlas mountains nearby. While the scorching summer brings tempting deals on accommodations as locals head towards the coast. Planning a visit during autumn promises cooler temperatures, fresh dates, and riveting outings to the Sahara sands. Truly, any season is a magical season in Marrakesh.

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