Netherlands Holidays

Embodying enchanting hues of tulips, the harmonious hum of windmills and the serenity of placid canals, the Netherlands is the holiday destination of dreams for all. Whether you're planning an amorous escapade, a family holiday brimming with fun, or seeking leisure time with friends, the Netherlands has something for everyone. From lively beach resorts, sky-high observation towers, and amusement parks to serene boat rides, the country caters to all budgets and fantasies. So delve into this mesmerising world, where you will discover stunning cities filled with wonders, sprawling countryside adorned with windmills and plenty of delightful attractions.


Offering a symphony of heartwarming destinations, the Netherlands is a country where any itinerary can turn into a memorable storyline. From the charismatic capital Amsterdam to the charmingly traditional Volendam and the university city of Groningen, we present an exclusive glimpse into the top destinations.


With its rich history, world-class museums, incredible architecture, and winding canals, Amsterdam is the beating heart of the Netherlands. Popular with culture enthusiasts, families, and young travellers alike, the city offers attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House or a serene boat tour along the canals.


Known for its maritime history, modern architecture and vibrant nightlife, Rotterdam offers a completely different perspective of Dutch culture. Don’t miss the innovative structures of Overblaak Development.

The Hague

The political core of the country, The Hague is popular with history and politics enthusiasts. Visit the Mauritshuis museum, enjoy a day at Scheveningen beach, or explore the Binnenhof, the world’s oldest House of Parliament.


Steeped in history, Utrecht is beloved for its central location, making it a favourite among academics, artists, businessmen alike. Don't miss the Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.


Distinguished by its medieval-era architecture and vibrant cultural scene, Maastricht is popular with history buffs and culture enthusiasts. The Basilica of Saint Servatius and the Bonnefantenmuseum are must-visits.

Where to Stay

Whether you're basking in the cityscapes of Amsterdam, marvelling at the medieval charm of Maastricht, or indulging in the beach culture at The Hague, we will walk you through some of the best places to stay in the Netherlands for your perfect holiday experience.

For a family holiday

Eindhoven, a vibrant city brimming with modern art, is a terrific place for a family holiday. Alternatively, stay at Leiden, the city of museums, promising a thrill for children and adults alike.

For a couples holiday

For those romantic getaways, retreat to the charming city of Delft, known for its pottery, historic buildings and canals. For something different, Giethoorn, the Venice of the Netherlands, guarantees an enchantingly romantic setting with its quaint thatch-roofed houses and beautiful canals.

For a holiday with friends

Groningen, energetic and youthful by nature, makes for an excellent base for a holiday with friends. Alternatively, Haarlem, a smaller and less crowded version of Amsterdam, offers a variety of experiences from shopping sprees to brewery tours.

When to Visit

For a Netherlands holiday, the best period is usually from mid-April to October. This period offers comfortable temperatures and a plethora of activities, such as the tulip season from mid-April till the first week of May.

However, the Netherlands shows a different, festive side in winter, especially as you get closer to Christmas. Despite the colder temperatures, winter is worth considering for budget-conscious travellers, as you may strike lucky with reduced holiday prices.

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