Oslo Holidays

Immerse yourself in a divine fusion of Viking ethos and modern urbanity in the heart of Norway: Oslo. Dating back to 1040, this charming capital oozes fascinating history, cosmopolitan attractions and Scandinavian elegance that never fail to impress.

Whether you're captivated by unique architecture, stunning natural beauty, or vibrant cultural scenes, Oslo stands ready to astound and inspire. With a delightful array of museums, parks, and a thriving gastronomy scene, this city is perfect for any cultural enthusiast or the curious traveller.

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Things to See and Do

From historical fortresses to regal palaces, Oslo presents an invaluable opportunity to delve into the heart of Norwegian history and heritage. With a plethora of architectural gems and panoramic landscapes, this city ensures a cultural experience that is second to none. Here are our top picks.

Food and Drink

Oslo serves as Norway's culinary capital, offering a captivating range of food and drink that promises to thrill your palate. From traditional dishes that tell a storied past to international meat-free gastronomy reflecting the city’s trendy present, here are our top five food and drink experiences.

Destination Essentials

Oslo is enchanting throughout the year, its distinctive appeal varying with each season. November brings a kaleidoscope of autumn colours, while winter transforms the city into a magical land of twinkling lights and festive markets. Spring flowers bloom under balmy temperatures as summer lures flocks of visitors with warm weather and longer days.


From pristine bays to scenic vistas, Oslo's coastline is adorned with myriad beaches that vie for attention. Whether you prefer a serene sunbathe or an adrenaline-filled day of water sports, Oslo's beaches offer something for everyone. Here are our favourite havens.

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