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Tucked within the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is a captivating oasis of culture, history, and breathtaking Nordic landscapes. This northern Norwegian city accentuates arctic charm with its blend of traditional wooden houses and modern architecture interspersed amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of snow-blanketed mountains and fjords.

Whether it's chasing the Northern Lights, indulging in world-class seafood, or exploring nature in all its Arctic grandeur, Tromsø, with its rich Viking history and a thriving arts scene, assures a holiday like no other. Prepare to be enchanted by Norway’s “Gateway to the Arctic.”

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Things to See and Do

From vibrant marine life and architectural ingenuity to adventurous pursuits and mesmerising nature, Tromsø offers an assortment of experiences. Here are some handpicked attractions guaranteed to leave one yearning for more of this Arctic marvel.

Sail amidst majestic landscapes with Northern Yachting

Take the plunge and snorkel with orcas, or venture on a dazzling Northern Lights voyage. Immerse yourself in an exclusive four-day Arctic adventure that promises thrilling whale watching, luxury yacht charters and helicopter tours. Delving into the heart of Tromsø, there’s simply no comparison to the local insights provided by Northern Yachting.

Experience Arctic marine life at Polaria

Marvel at the world's most northerly aquarium, housing fascinating species like the whiskered bearded seals. With a particular emphasis on Arctic knowledge, Polaria provides elements of fun, learning, and environmental consciousness; a sure hit with families.

Visit the iconic Tromsø Cathedral

Marvel at the arresting design of the Tromsø Cathedral, also known as the Arctic Cathedral. Its distinct and unique form catches the eye, yet its real charm lies in the quiet tranquillity it provides. Don’t miss the organ concerts that evoke the spirit of the North.

Savour nature’s wonders with a four-day adventure

Join an expedition offering a chance to witness whale migrations and the ethereal Aurora Borealis. With guided tours and overnight stay options, you can truly soak up the natural splendours of Tromsø.

Step back in time at Tromsø Museum

Explore a captivating blend of natural and cultural history at the Tromsø University Museum. Here, you can trace Sámi history, learn about sea life in the surrounding waters and establish a bond with the Arctic's enchanting landscapes.

Destination Essentials

Visiting Tromsø between September 15th and April 14th is your best shot at witnessing the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis. If midnight sun is more to your taste, plan your holiday around June and early-mid July.

Peak winter in February brings the thrill of snowshoeing, reindeer sledding, and husky sledding. March offers lengthier daylight hours with stable temperatures and good chances for Aurora hunting. Alternatively, the magical Polar Night during December's festive season is an experience like no other, with daylight gracing the yuletide week.

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