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On the refreshing Baltic coast lies a city teeming with charm and intriguing history: Gdańsk, Poland. As the country's principal seaport, this bustling metropolis enchants with its robust maritime heritage and its engaging blend of Polish, German, and self-rule periods throughout the centuries.

Gdańsk's stunning architecture, compelling museums, and tantalising cuisine draw millions of visitors each year. With ancient landmarks around every corner and an atmosphere that masterfully melds the ancient with the modern, there's no doubt you've found the right guide to exploring this irresistible city.

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Things to See and Do

No visit to Gdańsk is complete without exploring some of the city’s original and absorbing attractions, each one densely saturated with history and culture. Walk on the very cobblestones trodden by medieval merchants, discover the allure of century-old establishments, and feel the city’s heartbeat along the stunning Baltic coast.

Gdańsk Carousel

Immerse yourself in the joy of the Gdańsk Carousel, an enchanting ride that whisks you off into the charming atmosphere of the city.

Long Market

Embrace a nip of history combined with commercial thrill at Long Market, Gdańsk's iconic merchant road filled boasting an extraordinary line-up of Mannerist architecture and historic buildings.

Great Armoury

Take a stroll through time as you venture into the Great Armoury, using a personalised tour guide experience to uncover profound insights about this popular tourist attraction.

Gdańsk's Historical Landmarks

Finally, no bucket list is complete without visiting Gdańsk's historical landmarks such as the Town Hall, the Green Gate, Artus Court, and Neptune's Fountain.

Food and Drink

Gdańsk's vibrant culinary scene will please the palate of any food-lover. The city treats you to a spectrum of tastes, from classic Polish dishes to modern, international cuisine.

Discover Gdańsk's Culinary Delights

Dive into the city's sea-inspired platters, thanks to its status as Poland's principal seaport. Enjoy hearty portions of pierogi, Polish dumplings that are as tasty as their fillings are diverse. Raise a pint of locally brewed craft beer, which shows the city's curiosity in following global trends. Be sure to enjoy a shot of Goldwasser, a traditional herbal liqueur with real gold flakes—a true taste of Gdańsk’s golden heritage.

Destination Essentials

The ideal season to explore Gdańsk falls between May and September, when the city enjoys the warmest weather. During these months, the opportunities to immerse yourself in Gdańsk's rich history, dynamic cultural scene, and lively beach life are endless.

For those seeking the best deals on hotels, consider a November visit, when accommodation prices are at their lowest. Budget travellers may find October an optimal time to visit since flights from London to Gdańsk are generally cheaper. Regardless of when you visit, Gdańsk never fails to amaze its visitors.


Gdańsk’s coastal allure isn’t limited to its bustling seaport; the city is also home to some of Poland’s most enjoyable beaches.


Unwind on the sandy oasis of Jelitkowo, where you can engage in a range of water sports or take a stroll along the serene Park Jelitkowski.

Brzezno Beach

Brzezno Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere complemented with picturesque views and a charming community of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Górki Zachodnie

If you want to venture further, take the short bus ride to Górki Zachodnie, a lovely area characterised by tranquillity and natural beauty.

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