Azores Holidays

An undiscovered gem in the middle of the Atlantic, the Azores is an archipelago that remains largely off the UK's tourist radar. Akin to paradise, this ensemble of 9 islands is blessed with an enchanting mix of verdant landscapes, volcanic mountains, relaxing thermal springs, and azure oceans.

A dream destination for couples in search of a secluded romantic retreat, families on the lookout for unique adventures, or groups of friends wanting an exciting getaway, the Azores also cater to different budgets. Enjoy exclusive luxury resorts, cosy budget accommodations or an all-inclusive experience in nature's lap. Whether you seek the thrill of whale watching, the delight of exploring vivid marine life or the tranquillity that comes from walking down peaceful, untamed paths – the Azores are undoubtedly a delightful junction of the unexpected.


From the cosmopolitan vibes of São Miguel to the quiet allure of Corvo, the Azores offer a plethora of holiday experiences. Here's a handful of the finest destinations showcasing the charm and spirit of these islands.

São Miguel

As the biggest and busiest of the Azorean islands, São Miguel hosts the archipelago’s capital, Ponta Delgada, a bustling entity with vibrant markets, historic architecture and a pulsing nightlife. Experience the surreal beauty of the twin crater lakes of Sete Cidades and unwind in the inviting thermal pools of Furnas.


Known for its splendid vineyards, Pico is a haven for wine aficionados. The island’s main attraction, however, is Mount Pico, a formidable volcano beckoning adventurous climbers.


Brimming with beautiful churches and bustling plazas, Terceira exudes a strong historical character. Angra do Heroísmo, a UNESCO heritage town, is a striking showcase of Renaissance-era architecture.


Named after its abundant wildflowers, Flores features stunning natural wonders. From its vibrant lakes to enchanting waterfalls, this island is a testament to untouched natural splendour.

Santa Maria

The oldest of the Azorean islands, Santa Maria is a perfect haven for beach lovers. With its golden sand beaches and warm, azure waters, Santa Maria provides the perfect seaside experience, a trait that sets it apart in the archipelago.

Where to Stay

From historic inns to luxury resorts, seaside villas to countryside lodges, Azores caters to a variety of holiday stays. Whatever your preference, find your ideal base in the following destinations as you set about exploring the enchanted islands.

For a family holiday

Choose the scenic beauty of São Jorge where families can explore the variety of ‘fajãs’ (flat coastal plains) and swim in the natural pools formed in the basalt rocks. Or discover the charm of Terceira, with its numerous kid-friendly attractions such as the Algar do Carvão, an ancient lava tube.

For a couples holiday

Create unforgettable romantic memories on São Miguel with its calming thermal baths and enchanting lagoons. Alternatively, retreat to little Santa Maria for a relaxed beach experience.

For a holiday with friends

From the wine tasting tours on Pico to the exciting trails of Flores, the Azores offer a variety of experiences for a memorable holiday with friends. Discover the historic charm of Angra do Heroísmo on Terceira or dabble in water sports at the golden beaches of Santa Maria.

When to Visit

With a mild climate throughout the year, the Azores are a pleasure to visit anytime. The summer months of June through to September present brilliant weather and are perfect for sunbathing, whale watching and water sports. Though popular, these months may attract many tourists.

For those seeking a more tranquil visit, consider the spring period from March to early June when flowers are in full bloom, adding another layer of magic to the already stunning landscapes. Rainfall can be frequent but the temperatures remain pleasant, often making the islands feel like a private playground.

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