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Ferragudo, a civil parish seated on the western edge of Lagoa municipality in Portugal, offers a mix of history and coastal charm. With remnants referencing its Phoenician, Carthaginian, and Roman past, the place has evolved into a delightful tourist spot that remains a working fishing village at heart.

Despite its transition from a thriving fishing economy to a bustling tourist hub, Ferragudo keeps its quaint charm intact. From sun-soaked beaches and stunning cliffs to historical landmarks, there’s a genuine authenticity about Ferragudo that makes a visit well worth the effort.

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Things to See and Do

From time-honoured landmarks to serene natural settings, Ferragudo holds many gems within its bounds. Explore the rustic simplicity of its fishing economy or take in the beauty of its stunning cliffs and beaches. Here are some must-see attractions in the town.

Uncover the past at Fort of São João do Arade

A stronghold built to repel pirates, this fort tells tales of Ferragudo's spirited past. Explore its rugged walls as you soak in the salty sea air, enjoying views that stretch from Portimão to the Atlantic horizon.

Investigate the Ponta do Altar Lighthouse

Located on a stunning promontory, this functioning lighthouse offers guided tours on Wednesdays. Besides serving seafarers, this lighthouse is a beacon for tourists seeking panoramic views of the Algarve region.

Visit the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição

This elegant church, located in the heart of Ferragudo, offers a quiet space for contemplation amidst your touristic explorations. Its simple yet proud architecture echoes Ferragudo's historical richness.

Take a stroll through Ferragudo’s fishing village

Experience the rustic charm of Ferragudo's original industry, as fishing boats bob gently on the Arade River. This charming area forms the soul of Ferragudo's historical and cultural identity.

Take a Trip to Nearby Praia do Molhe

Just a short trip from Ferragudo, this beautiful and serene beach offers fantastic views and a relaxing sandy escape. Enjoy a picnic, take a dip, or just soak up the sun at this idyllic spot.

Destination Essentials

Considering Ferragudo’s Mediterranean climate, opting for a visit between June and August is recommended. It’s during these months that sunseekers can enjoy hot, dry days with average temperatures reaching 28°C, ideal for lazing on the beaches and immersing in the beach-town vibe.

However, if you prefer milder temperatures and fewer tourists, the months of April, May, September, and October make a good choice. You can explore the region's attractions at a leisurely pace without tackling high temperatures or crowds, ensuring a comfortable and tranquil experience.

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