Funchal Holidays

Funchal, the capital of Portugal's Autonomous Region of Madeira, is a gem of the Atlantic Ocean that promises an unforgettable holiday experience. Steeped in history and boasting an appealing climate all year round, Funchal has a bounty to offer every traveller.

Teeming with cultural richness, breathtaking slopes meeting the cobalt sea, popular for the famous New Year's Eve firework spectacle, and not forgetting its namesake, the wild fennel that ushered its first settlers – Funchal is indeed a Portuguese delight.

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Things to See and Do

Funchal's offerings are vast and magical, guaranteeing you a continuous adventure as you explore this lovely city. From plunging into history at the city centre to marvelling at the vibrant blend of nature, art, and architecture, you'll be constantly awestruck.

In the heart of the city, the bustling square of Rotunda do Infante

captivates with its spectacular views of the city and ocean.

For a deeper dose of nature, step into the tropical oasis of Monte Palace Madeira

a vast lush expanse filled with exotic flora and notable collections of sculptures and minerals.

Lose yourself in the cobbled paths of the old town, where Rua de Santa Maria's charm

lies in its colourful doors, art-filled corners, and ambient eateries.

To ignite your senses, check-out the city's rich museum culture

which ranges from the Episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Funchal to the Holy Trinity Church for Anglican services.

Surrounding Funchal, other unmissable spots include Porto Moniz, Laurisilva forest, and the captivating beaches of Porto Santo Island.

Food and Drink

One cannot savour Funchal's treasures without delving into its rich gastronomic scene. Centuries-old traditions celebrate Madeira's native produce, resulting in a colourful culinary palette you must experience.

Celebrate Funchal's sea-bound riches with 'espada com banana'

Black scabbard fish paired with bananas. A unique blend that will surely intrigue your palette.

Savour 'bolo do caco'

A deliciously warm flatbread slathered with garlic butter and shared on every table. It's perfect for those enjoying seafood delicacies or the 'picado', juicy Madeira-style steak bits.


For the meat lovers, 'espetada' (beef on a skewer) is a must-try grill delight that will satisfy your cravings.

A sip of Madeira wine

Round off your meals with a sip of Madeira wine, a part of the island's identity one cannot miss.

Madeira's signature 'honey cake'

Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with Madeira's signature 'honey cake', an aromatic dessert that usually marks special occasions.

Destination Essentials

Blessed with a sub-tropical climate, Funchal is a year-round destination. Its warm, sometimes balmy weather, makes a visit alluring regardless of the season. The city sparkles with the highest temperatures between August and September, while the winter months promise a delightful outing under clear skies.

The mildest month, February, with averages of 18 degrees Celsius, makes winter trips to Funchal an enticing prospect. Whether you're craving a summer soiree on its glamorous beaches or a winter exploration complete with sunshine, Funchal offers a promising holiday experience throughout the year.


The sandy spread around Funchal promises sun-drenched days of relaxation complemented by tantalising Atlantic views. There’s nothing quite like the experience of Madeira’s coastal glory.

Praia do Gorgulho - Gavinas

Sink your toes into the sandy greys of Praia do Gorgulho - Gavinas, a pebble beach where crystal turquoise waters meet grey stone. Just a stone's throw from Funchal city centre, the Praia Formosa ensemble of several beaches promises sandy escapades speckled with sports activities, facilities and bars.

Praia de São Tiago

You could also venture to the small yet inviting Praia de São Tiago. Spending summer months here grants warm temperatures and less crowding, amplifying the soothing effect of its golden pebbles and blue waters.

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