Madeira Island Holidays

A land that is quintessentially Portuguese yet richly unique, Madeira Island invites travellers to experience lush, mountainous landscapes, charming coastal towns, and an island culture rooted deeply in its own leisurely pace of life. Famous for its natural beauty, impressive volcanic cliffs, and glimmering blue seas, this subtropical oasis appeals to both adventure seekers and those looking for gentle relaxation. From its world-renowned wine production to the warm hospitality of its locals, Madeira Island presents the perfect setting for various types of holidays - whether it be romantic escapes, family get-togethers, or all-inclusive retreats. Regardless of budget, visitors are bound to find plenty of unforgettable experiences in this captivating Atlantic jewel.

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From the scenic coastal views of Funchal to the vibrant weekly market in Santana, Madeira Island offers an array of enchanting holiday destinations. This section will introduce you to some of the notable highlights.


As Madeira’s dynamic capital, Funchal delights visitors with its vibrant combination of history, culture, and striking sea views. Here, you can explore the charming Old Town, visit the historical Sé Cathedral, and even take a thrilling ride on the famous Monte toboggans.


Known for its traditional thatched-roof houses, Santana is a picturesque village that appeals to those enthralled by local heritage. Don't miss out on the bustling farmers' market, which offers a vivid explosion of fruits, vegetables and local crafts every weekend.

Pico do Arieiro

Rising 1,818 meters above sea level, Pico do Arieiro is the island’s third highest peak where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views and picturesque hiking routes. It's a popular spot among adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Porto Santo

A quick ferry ride from Madeira, Porto Santo offers over 5 miles of golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters. A small island itself, it’s ideal for a day trip or a peaceful retreat.

São Vicente

A charming village on the northwest coast where the São Vicente Caves, formed around 890 thousand years ago during a volcanic eruption, attract geology fans and curious tourists alike.

Where to Stay

From the lively bustle of Funchal to the tranquil rural landscapes of Santana, finding the perfect place to stay in Madeira Island hinges on what type of holiday you seek. Here we'll suggest some ideal locations whether you're holidaying with family, as a couple, or with friends.

For a family holiday

Funchal, with its vibrant markets, sprawling gardens, and interactive museums, offers a variety of family-friendly activities. Various beach resorts around Calheta and Machico provide a range of amenities including swimming pools and kid's clubs.

For a couples holiday

Porto Santo offers a romantic backdrop for couples with its tranquil golden sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets. The charming village of Jardim do Mar or the elegant Reid’s Palace Hotel in Funchal are also excellent spots for a romantic escape.

For a holiday with friends

São Vicente is a great option for friend groups who enjoy outdoor adventures such as exploring its ancient volcanic caves. Funchal's bustling nightlife, with its array of restaurants, bars, and clubs, also caters well to groups of friends looking for entertainment.

When to Visit

Due to its mild, appealing climate, Madeira Island is a year-round destination. However, peak times fall between July and August when weather conditions are at their most optimal for sunbathing and water sports. Spring, from February to June, presents a wonderful time to visit for those interested in the island’s vast flora - with the Flower Festival in April being a key highlight. Autumn sees the renowned Madeira Wine Festival, making it a perfect time for wine connoisseurs. For a quieter and less crowded experience, consider visiting between late November and early December.

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