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From its iconic blue and white azulejo tiled buildings to an assortment of architectural gems radiating across its skyline, Porto exudes a captivating blend of history and cultural richness. This city, but a whisper away from the North Atlantic ocean, will enrapture your senses with its relaxed tempo and the mouth-watering scent of hearty Portuguese cuisine lingering around every street corner.

Lose yourself in a charming labyrinth of winding narrow lanes, stroll along the vibrant Ribeira District or decant the city’s winemaking heritage with a sip of the world-famed port. From medieval structures to a sumptuous culinary scene, Porto never fails to impress any eager traveller.

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Things to See and Do

Unlock history, explore ancient grandeurs or simply take a quiet moment to soak in the city's effortlessly romantic atmosphere. Porto, a stunning world heritage city, offers an array of enthralling attractions that will broaden your horizons and provide extraordinary moments to garner. Here are a few must-see highlights.

Venture into the history-saturated Porto Cathedral

Soaring over the cityscape, the Porto Cathedral is a humbling testament to the city's rich historical allegory, combining Romanesque, Baroque, and Gothic architectural elements. Its understated interior and quaint cloisters make it a serene getaway from the city’s bustle, and the breathtaking panoramas from its terrace are well worth the visit.

Imbibe the grandeur of the Bolsa Palace

A symbol of the city's trading heritage, the Bolsa Palace boasts phenomenally detailed Neoclassical architecture fit for the extravagant receptions held within its cavernous halls. Particularly, the Arabian Room’s ornate gilded plasterwork will transport you to an opulent past unlike any other.

Ascend the iconic Torre dos Clérigos

A silhouette against Porto's skyline, the Clérigos Tower offers stunning views of the cityscape and beyond. Wander through its attached church, or visit after sunset to see the city adorned in twinkling city lights – the experience is truly enchanting.

Unravel Porto's past at the Livraria Lello

Once frequented by famous literary icons, Livraria Lello enchants any book lover with an art nouveau façade, crimson stairways, and stained-glass skylights. Stepping foot in this inspiring locale is akin to stepping into the magical world of a storybook.

Escape the city at the Serralves Museum and Gardens

The expansive grounds of the Serralves Museum allow an escape into nature's grasp. Explore avant-garde art at the Contemporary Art Museum, stroll refined Garden Parks, or relax in the serene ambiance of the Art-Deco Villa – this cultural haven is every art enthusiast's utopia.

Destination Essentials

With pleasantly warm summers and mild winters, any time of year provides an opportunity to experience Porto in its own distinct shade. High tourist season hits between June and September, with the city warmed by a delightful average high of 24°C. This sun-drenched period sees city life flowering vibrantly, with outdoor markets, concerts and festivals aplenty.

For those preferring a somewhat quieter city visit, consider travelling during the shoulder seasons of spring (May-June) or early fall (September). The city maintains a pleasant temperature and fewer visitors grace Porto's streets, making museum visits, wine tastings and beach trips all the more serene.

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