Sagres Holidays

As the historical backdrop for Portugal’s age of exploration, the coastal gem of Sagres is a conduit into the golden era of discovery. Placed on the precipice of continental Europe, it is cloaked in rich seafaring lore, tales of antique ritual, fascinating architecture and blessed with an enviable Mediterranean climate.

Renowned for its arresting landscapes and offering a haven for nature-lovers, Sagres offers the explorative traveller an ideal recipe: genuine historical significance, picturesque natural beauty, and a captivating cultural richness. Welcome to the alluring world of Sagres.

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Things to See and Do

From the iconic Sagres Point, to the Fortresses maintaining vigil along the coastline, Sagres has splendid sights and enchanting experiences aplenty. Dive into a journey of discovery in this journeyman’s dreamland, exploring both the lore and allure that this captivating corner of Portugal exudes.

Sagres Point Lighthouse

Marvel at the Sagres Point Lighthouse: Venture to Europe’s southwestern-most point, where the Farol de Sagres stands tall. Displaying Portugal's seafaring heritage, this impressive lighthouse also houses a maritime-navigation museum. Don't miss the Wednesday afternoon public openings to uncover a fibre of Europe's maritime history.

Fortress of Sagres

Transverse the Fortress of Sagres: Built for strategic protection by Infante Henry the Navigator, the fortress is a relic of yesteryears' battlements. Discover its centuries-old history, soak up the stunning viewpoints and explore its windswept beauty.

Santa Maria Church

Bask in the Beauty of Santa Maria Church: Located in the heart of Sagres, the Church of Santa Maria is an impressive ode to Our Lady of Grace. Consecrated in 1519, this elegant architectural marvel is a must-visit testament to Sagres's rich religious heritage.

Church of Corvo

Uncover History at the Church of Corvo: Step back in time whilst paying a visit to the Church of Corvo, housing the remains of Saint Vincent since the 8th century. Explore this mystical link to Sagres's past and its deep religious connotations that echo to this date.

Western End View

Revel in the Western End View: As the last thread in the world's longest overland line, Sagres provides a unique view across an immense swathe of our planet. Let your imagination wander as you stand at the edge of the world.

Destination Essentials

Whether lured by ideal beach weather or the prospect of basking in cultural festivities, Sagres is worth visiting between June and October. With temperatures rarely dipping below 25°C during these months, it's the ideal time to explore, unwind on the beaches, or venture into the cooling local waters.

While April may see the swells of visitors increase, there is no such thing as Sagres being 'overcrowded'. The charm of Sagres is that its appeal stretches beyond the summer, thanks to mild Atlantic winters and a calm atmosphere, making it the perfect getaway at any time of year.

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