Doha Holidays

A jewel gleaming in the heat of the Middle East, Doha strikes a perfect balance between modern innovation and cultural pride. Home to remarkable high-tech skyscrapers, historical Islamic architecture, and a thriving cultural scene, Doha is the luxurious watering hole of the desert.

With world-class family attractions, stunning waterfront views, engaging cultural experiences, and pristine beaches, a holiday in Doha is nothing short of a whirlwind of unique experiences. This is your oasis in the desert, where unforgettable memories are created.

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Things to See and Do

Whether you're a culture vulture or an adventure enthusiast, Doha caters to all. From grand parks and bustling districts to a vibrant art market, Doha has a host of attractions that are sure to dazzle and enchant. Here are just a few notable ones that beg to be explored.

Aspire Park

Explore the green oasis of Aspire Park: Aspire Park, an 88-hectare family-friendly marvel, offers a refreshing escape from the city bustle. The amazingly maintained park houses the famous Torch Tower and offers a plethora of activities, from picnics on the lush grass to relaxing boat rides on the lake.

Mina District

Bask in the cultural riches of the Mina District: With attractions ranging from the splendid Museum of Islamic Art to the picturesque Corniche Promenade, the Mina District is the perfect family-friendly destination.

سوق واقف للفنون

Indulge in the sensory feast of سوق واقف للفنون: This vibrant art market showcases a spectacular variety of local and international art. It’s not just for browsing though – children can get hands-on in the workshops and classes, making it an outing for the entire family.

The Pearl

Unleash your cinematic side at the Pearl: This artificial island, designed to resemble a string of pearls, is famed for its luxury and opulence. It’s a great spot for shopping, dining, or simply taking a stroll along the waterfront.

Katara Cultural Village

Discover culture and beauty at Katara Cultural Village: Katara is a hive of activity. Catch a show at the amphitheatre, explore art galleries, or cool down at the beach. The range of restaurants on site also present the perfect opportunity to sample local cuisine.

Destination Essentials

Perfect for a family holiday any time from November to February, Doha provides pleasant weather during the winter months, with temperatures conducive for exploring outdoor attractions. Various family-friendly events such as the Qatar International Food Festival are held during this season, making it even more enjoyable.

Summers in Doha, though extremely hot, are still enjoyable owing to the numerous indoor attractions and world-class facilities available. So whether you are catching your breath at the top of the Torch Tower or lazing on Katara Beach, Doha ensures every moment you spend here is nothing short of extraordinary.

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