Singapore Cheap Holidays

Dreaming of exotic escapades, but mindful of your wallet? Say hello to Singapore, an island city-state that mesmerises without melting your cash. A land steeped in vibrant visuals, gastronomic delights, cultural charm, and spellbinding skyscrapers. Despite its reputation as a luxurious locale, our budget holidays to Singapore are sure to make you feel like a millionaire, without requiring a millionaire's budget.

Couples, families, group of friends – whoever you are, Singapore is a canvas painted ready for your exploration. With affordable prices, our value-for-money holiday packages brace you for unforgettable experiences, whether that involves trying tantalising street food from world-renowned hawker centres or basking in the glow of the gleaming Marina Bay Sands. Take advantage of off-peak travel and pre-booking benefits. If you've been wondering, "Can I experience Singapore on a shoestring?" The answer with LycaFly is a resounding "Yes!"

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