Slovakia Holidays

Brimming with stunning natural attractions, buzzing cities steeped in fascinating history and a unique, vibrant culture, Slovakia is a true hidden gem in the heart of Europe. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat in mountainous landscapes, exploring ancient castles with your family, or yearning for romantic walks through quaint towns, Slovakia offers a vast array of holiday experiences. Indeed, with superb value for your pound and a vast array of accommodation options to suit every budget, this is a destination that truly does cater for everyone's tastes, holidays and budgets. So dive in, satisfy your curiosity about Slovakia and let us introduce you to some its most captivating features and destinations.


From the graceful spires of Bratislava to the rugged beauty of the High Tatras, Slovakia boasts a variety of enthralling holiday destinations. Let us whisk you away on a journey to some of these wondrous locations, beloved by first-time and returning visitors alike.


Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, pairs vibrant nightlife with historical charm. The Old Town is a captivating maze of narrow streets, showcasing major landmarks like the Bratislava Castle and the elegant St Martin’s Cathedral.


In Eastern Slovakia, Košice is known for its culture and history. Its charm lies in the well-preserved medieval architecture, imposing St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral and a wealth of thrilling cultural festivals.

High Tatras

A paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the High Tatras is a mountain region boasting dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear lakes and picture-postcard views. Hiking, skiing and mountaineering are popular activities here, making it perfect for truly active holidays.

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a treasured historical gem tucked in the Stiavnica Mountains. Explore its romantic streets, beautiful squares and a wealth of medieval monuments.

Spiš Castle

The imposing Spiš Castle is one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. The castle's ruins, sitting atop a hill surrounded by lush greenery, make for an unforgettable sight.

Where to Stay

Whether you’re craving a city break in Bratislava, a mountain getaway in the High Tatras, or a delve into history in Spiš, Slovakia is bound to have just the place for you. Let us guide you to your perfect Slovakian stay.

For a family holiday

Bratislava offers a vibrant city break with a touch of history that the whole family can enjoy. Its walkable Old Town and exciting attractions like Bratislava Zoo or Dinopark make it a hit with the kids.

For a couples holiday

The charming town of Banská Štiavnica is ideal for a romantic escape. Its picturesque streets, historical architecture and tranquil atmosphere set the perfect scene for a couples retreat.

For a holiday with friends

If you’re planning an adventurous getaway with friends, the High Tatras are an excellent choice. Its numerous hiking trails, serene lakes, breathtaking views, and winter sports facilities offer plenty of fun for everyone.

When to Visit

Slovakia is a year-round destination with two peak periods: summer and winter. Between June and September, the weather is warm, making it a perfect time to explore Slovakia’s cities, castles and national parks. Milder spring and autumn temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities, while avoiding summer crowds.

For winter sports enthusiasts, December to March is the prime season. The High Tatras become a winter wonderland with impressive ski slopes and sparkling snow-topped scenery. Each season in Slovakia has its own charm – it's all about finding the right one for your intended holiday.

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