Slovenia Holidays

With its delightful mix of jaw-dropping natural landscapes, a vibrant culture, and a rich historical heritage, Slovenia is a hidden gem tucked away in Central Europe. It boasts a range of experiences, from exploring the picturesque lakes, indulging in a spot of skiing, to visiting castle-laden cities. Slovenia warmly caters to every type of traveller.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway to enjoy the country's renowned wine regions or the quintessential family holiday exploring the fairy-tale like Lake Bled, or perhaps, a vibrant city break with friends in the dynamic capital, Ljubljana - Slovenia offers all this and more. With an array of choices across various budgets, Slovenia presents a memorable holiday experience that seamlessly blends adventure, tranquillity, culture, and history.


From the spectacularly picturesque regions near the Julian Alps to the diverse and dynamic cities with their own unique charm, Slovenia offers a potpourri of popular holiday destinations. Here are some of our top picks in Slovenia you definitely ought not to miss.


Ljubljana, the capital city, bursting with youthful energy, is an ideal destination for lovers of art, architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Its pedestrian-only Old Town offers enchanted walks through the cobblestone streets and across the iconic Triple Bridge.

Lake Bled

Nestled amidst the Julian Alps, Lake Bled's ethereal beauty makes it perfect for nature lovers. The lake, with an island in its centre, overlooked by a medieval castle, creates a fairy-tale ambiance awaiting exploration.

Julian Alps

The Julian Alps promise staggering vistas teamed with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and trekking, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.


Located on a tiny peninsula, Piran is an exquisite coastal town with Venetian Gothic architecture, calling to anyone who loves the sea, history, and unique regional cuisine.


Slovenia's second-largest city, Maribor, boasts of a captivating Old Town, a delightful wine scene, and the oldest vine in the world. It's a haven for food and wine lovers as well as culture vultures.

Where to Stay

Whether you're on an action-packed family holiday, a romantic escape with your beloved, or an adventurous jaunt with friends, Slovenia has a charming selection of idyllic spots to stay.

For a family holiday

Lake Bled, with its enchanting surroundings, offers a host of activities to keep the younger ones entertained, from plenteous watersports to exploring the castle and the island. Alternatively, the dynamic capital, Ljubljana, is rich with parks and interactive museums making it perfect for families.

For a couples holiday

For couples, the quaint coastal town of Piran provides an intimate setting for a peaceful retreat, or the renowned wine region of Maribor offers a unique opportunity for romantic vineyard visits and wine tastings.

For a holiday with friends

For a friends holiday, the vibrant city life of Ljubljana, with its pulsating night scene, range of cultural experiences, and the picturesque Lake Bled region, with its outdoor activities, are both unsurpassed choices.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Slovenia largely depends on the type of holiday you're planning. For those looking to enjoy the beaches along the Adriatic Sea, visit between July and August. However, these summer months also see the largest influx of tourists.

If you're interested in skiing or winter sports, the best time to visit Slovenia's ski resorts is between December and March. If you're looking for a hiking holiday in the Julian Alps, the most favourable weather is typically in early autumn around September and October. Spring, between April and June, shines a fresh, green lustre over the landscapes, making it a fantastic time for sightseeing, city breaks, and countryside holidays. It's a quieter season but no less beautiful, offering moderate temperatures and fewer crowds.

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